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August 28, 2013 – 23:25
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The works most popular and easiest to find belong to the field of so-called "hospitality": waiters, bartenders, cooks, assistant cooks, are among the most popular professions. Works are feasible both from holders of Working Holiday Visa that of Student Visa .

The best way to get a job like this is definitely around the city from top to bottom to leave your resume (which can also contain your Australian phone number), entering the premises personally and asking to speak to the manager. Australians are used to recruit staff in this way, "friendly", so no fear, do not treat you like the pests.

It is important, however, apply the right way: an ad hoc curriculum built specifically for the job you are looking for is an excellent presentation. It 'important, finally, keep a positive attitude and determined when it is presented to us in the premises, and do not hesitate to say a few words to present themselves in the best way.

If you make a good impression you will be offered a trial (trial) or a shift of a few hours, mostly unpaid, where you will have the chance to show your skills and your determination. If the test still fails, you got your first job!

Depending on the level of English you can start as a runner (takes care to set the table, clear the table, bring food and drink at the tables) or as a waiter, which needs to talk to customers and take orders. To work in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol a certificate is required RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol), which is issued after a half-day course costs 65 Australian dollars. The RSA changes according to the Australian state in which you find yourself. For example, if you have an RSA got to Sydney (New South Wales) will not be recognized for work in Brisbane (Queensland).

In general the wages are around 15/20 Australian dollars per hour plus tips. Wages are paid weekly or every two weeks.

Not be underestimated: Italians competent in this type of work are in high demand. Made in Italy in the kitchen wins in Australia!

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Occasional Other Works

In addition to the hospitality sector in major Australian cities is easy to find other kinds of work. The numerous local Small Businesses provide a 'continuous offer of employment and "casual jobs", ie jobs with hourly wages.

Staff to do leafleting and promoting events at festivals, clubs and promoters for, shop assistant, painter, movers, gardeners ... these jobs are suitable for those who want to earn a living without having a permanent job.

Many offers of Casual and Hospitality jobs can be found on the internet. Check daily news and answer to the ads as soon as possible, there is no better way to find a job in a few days.

one of the best sites for job search is running the anunci you can get an idea of ​​the Australian labor market.

Here are other sites for job search:

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Source: www.gostudy.it

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