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THE PERTH LIFE: You Never Knew Life Was So Good In One Of The Most

Calendar of Events

01.01. New Year always find the horse races of the Perth Cup with a subsequent celebration in Tentland. Just 25 days later there is for Australia Day 26 January again a reason to celebrate. At the City of Perth Australia Day Skyworks free concerts, various activities and the grand finale fireworks are organized on the Swan River.

The popular music festival Big Day Out in February speaks especially to the younger crowd. For people of all ages, however, the four-week International Arts Festival is suitable showcase their skills at the national and international artists. Between February and March of each year is also held the rock-driven music festival Soundwave.

The entire month of March, the center of the capital of WA celebrates the Eat Drink Perth event. Here lure of restaurants, cafes, bars and specialty shops with various exhibitions and special offers gourmets or foodies.

The Kids in the City event is always held during the school holidays in April, July and October. It will be organized in Perth to offer a varied program throughout the holiday family free activities and various events. At this time the free City Playground Pass available, which is issued including the i-City Information Kiosk (Murray Street Mall). With the pass, you can take a variety of discounts for certain events, restaurants or entertainment programs in the metropolis to complete.

With the West Australian Music Industry Festival in May, the current development of the music scene in the state of Western Australia is to be positively encouraged.

Several partners of the urban community, local artists and other cultural organizations hold each year during the cooler winter months, the three-month City of Perth Winter Arts Festival (June to August).

). During the school holidays in July can the City Playground Pass again be acquired for the Kids in the City (see April).

In August, no special festivals or events are taking place in Perth.

A week long dominated the city, in which designers and talented people in the fashion industry can prove the Fashion Festival with the theme of fashion catwalk and various events. Also takes place in September, the agricultural exhibition entitled Royal Show held, which is suitable for the whole family. Otherwise, the Wildflower Festival from September to October of the highlights in this springtime month. In the botanical gardens of Kings Park are by hosting tours and organized labor groups.

). The City Playground Pass for the Kids Event in the City is also available during the school holidays in October (see April).

The park and river landscapes are transformed into a sports field during the City of Perth Festival of Sport for a whole weekend. Over 15 different sports and activities are available for people of all ages and every training level to let off steam are available. The Northbridge Festival, however, is the biggest street party in the city and is known as a carnival of sounds, dance, theater and street art. Young artists from all over the world have, however, during the AWESOME International Arts Festival the opportunity to showcase their talents in the city center. The range is suitable for the entire family, ranging from theater, dance performances and animations of new media to sculpture exhibitions. At the end of the Pride Parade would be to call (in the German area also known Gay Pride) in which there is a gay and lesbian parade in which the rights regarding homosexuality in Australia is demonstrated.

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