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August 28, 2013 – 23:53
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The company has spent a lot of money and very attention Readiness Information Weapons compliance, but still under attack. This article tells you why. This article focuses on IT tools * Why is there enough light to provide security? * Why follow the regulations can not protect you? * Why do you need to pay more attention to employees and company information? Do not want you extremely suspicious, but wake up, recognize the fact that the! Enterprise information security likelihood is doing failure. Ask in August 2008 due to the Wi-Fi through unsafe intrusion TJX and other retailers and indicted 11 hackers glance ─ there were 40 million credit and debit card pen card number stolen. Ask EDS Medicaid claims processing contract Commissioner: This year in February she pleaded guilty to stealing and selling customer Social Security numbers and birth information to falsely claim tax refunds. Ask the University of Utah Hospital hired to escort tapes to offsite storage center for the courier. June, one day, he opened his own car, rather than the company's security vehicles, the results of these contains 2, 200 ten thousand patient billing information was stolen from the front seat.

Or you're like us, access to the world 7, 097 business and technology department heads were security issues. We cooperate with the first six years of PricewaterhouseCoopers' global information security situation "in the survey, we hear in information security, processes and personnel full of challenges, fears and defeat of the case.

Quantify the return on information security projects is not easy, often difficult to calculate because you avoid crises from, how much money get rewarded. Downturn in the economy this year, but also to force policy makers to any budget proposal is more conservative. Even so, the survey results show that companies still continue to purchase, import tools, including intrusion detection software, encryption and identity management. This is indeed good news.


Article, good, bad depending on your POV

2002-02-08 11:28:46 by letitflyfur

From high-tech to blue collar
By Rachel Konrad
Staff Writer, CNET
February 8, 2002, 4:00 AM PT
A year ago, Jose Carlos Cavazos was enthusiastic about his new career in telecommunications and his position with Nortel Networks. Now he's throwing mail on the night shift at a U.S. Postal Service distribution center for $13 an hour.
Cavazos didn't plan to go from high-tech to blue collar. But after eight months without a job, the 37-year-old Raleigh, N.C., resident had burned through his 401(k) savings and was nearing the end of unemployment insurance. He took the postal job to pay the mortgage--even though it leaves him wanting professionally

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But some business groups have threatened legal action, complaining that the rules conflict with federal laws that discourage employers from asking about a job applicant's disability status. New York Times site hacked.

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