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August 28, 2013 – 23:26

largo-y-tendido This is a blog about retail. And I hope that almost everyone is more or less familiar with the term blog (although you have to write one for really understand). Instead the searches that bring people to the blog, I show that the retail term is not clear. So, it's very redundant to some, I will explain once and for all what is that of retail. Retail is the English term for retail or retail. That sounds easy, but is a bit more complete and concise than this brief explanation. It includes the business sector ranging from supermarkets, through branded stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, to bank branches and in some cases restaurants (fast ej.comida). Is closely related to the chain stores, franchises, central purchasing and even some consider that online trading could go with the same brush, but I prefer to call the e-retail.

Now I think you get better as well to what I do as a Retail Consultant. My job is to advise, design strategies, analyze and recommend how to manage and improve all kinds of shops. My help can be from promote, organize, improve , innovate, plan or open outlets. But you have to be a retailer (responsible for management of outlets) to understand the many problems involved in retail management and how an external hand never hurts.

If anyone still has any questions, I will copy here the definitions I found online:

Defining wordreference.com

retail 1 / 'ri: teɪl / verb transitive
retail or retail
intransitive verb
(Before n) ~ price retail price, retail price
retail price index noun (BrE) m index of consumer prices

Diccionario Espasa Concise © 2000 Espasa Calpe:
retail ['rɪ: teɪl]
I name retail or retail
II transitive verb retailing
Intransitive verb III sold to the public
IV adverb retail, retail

Definition of wikipedia.com

The retail or retail is an economic sector which includes companies specializing in mass marketing of products or services uniforms to large numbers of customers. The reason for involving wholesalers and retailers in the same sector was a consequence of the large number of common problems and solutions that are both massive and sectors by the diversity of both its products and its customers.

In the retail business may include all or commercial shops usually found in any urban center with direct retail sales, but its use is rather linked to the big chain stores. The most common constituent retail supermarkets, other retail shops are traditionally associated with department stores, houses of housewares, hardware stores, pharmacies, clothing sales, bookstores, and many more. Retail complexity is provided by the wide variety of types of articles and items offered as well as the level of operations performed. The sale of the retail operations generate a lot of data such that it can be overwhelming to those outside the business.

Source: www.retail.awanzo.com

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Test for Dwindling Retail Jobs Spawns a Culture

2009-01-07 18:14:17 by of_Cheating

When Anton Smith applied for hourly work at a Finish Line sneaker store in Charlotte, N.C., his first hurdle was showing he had the temperament for the job.
Finish Line Inc., like many other retailers, makes applicants take a personality test before it will consider interviewing them. The test asks whether they agree or disagree, and how strongly, with 130 statements. But thanks to a little digging on the Internet by a friend, which turned up an unauthorized answer key, when Mr. Smith took the test in late 2007 he had a good idea what the employer wanted to hear.

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