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Apple Store Sales Legion high brand loyalty with a low hourly tug (lower)

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Apple Store Sales Legion high brand loyalty with a low hourly tug (lower)

[Reprinted from the Digital Era Network Contributor: Chen Di Ya compile Date: 2012/06/28]

Diehard Apple fans do not care about salary?

Finally have a point!

Both of the above it can be low-paid and non-Apple pumped into the means of employment will be sold to the super-academic staff of the University of reasons, this is great feeling for the service of the Apple Store employees almost never feel dissatisfied.

In addition, Apple Store sales staff generally younger; MIT School of Management professor Paul Osterman said: "Young people working different values, they can look at low-paying different eyes." He said: "We will think Wal- Mart paid an hourly wage of 9 yuan single mother is very excessive, but we do not think that Apple paid a young man $ 12 an hour where there is nothing wrong. "

When the Apple Store's store managers and looking for a job interview the interviewer, store manager said the company will probably want every employee at least six years of service, but according to former Apple Store employee Shane Garcia said that the average service time for each employee for two years half, especially when the iPhone and iPad more and more popular, more and more busy work, the working environment has become increasingly noisy as the crowd increased, turnover rates are also increasing, but Apple refused to respond.

According to understand, since promoted to headquarters from The Apple Store is almost 0 chance to work, many employees will be promoted because of hopeless resignation.

Because Apple prohibit employees of external speakers, the media usually only ask for information from former employees of the mouth. Notably, most of the former employees have said that a young man working at the Apple Store a good memory, they think this experience "is very suitable for the not ready when a white-collar 20s lad."

Store manager, said the former Apple Store, Apple's signature is indeed able to resume considerably, he said most of the technical staff were later found in the IT industry, a good job, while the sales staff when looking for a new job "because everyone knows Apple Store is so tough retail environment ", and can succeed in the retail sector.

A former Apple Store employees Jackson Miss (now serving the buy site Groupon), said: "Usually someone wants to leave we will congratulate him on the completion of other people's wishes."

Apple Store employees' stories

When Steve Jobs Apple Store in 2000 proposed the idea, few people support him. Finally, the leadership team to compromise, and promised to try to open four stores.

Jobs hired a management team to build and manage a group of stores, Macy's and recruit competent Denvelle Bruno. Bruno has been using a Mac computer, she could not refuse, and Apple-related jobs, "I was deeply felt discouraged."

Bruno is the first generation of diehard fans into the Apple Store Apple representative, she was still responsible for the new Apple Store manpower recruitment. But by May 19, 2001, took the lead after the opening of two stores, Apple Store expect more people to work Bruno does not need to bother to find people; time, want to become Apple Store employees than harder to get into Stanford.


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2010-08-12 14:13:13 by FWLittle

Are you concerned that untrained teens can't find jobs this year? It is any wonder they can't get a job? Not to me it isn't.
U.S. teens aren't prepared to work in jobs for which there are vacancies. PERIOD. They can't do anything that actually generates a paycheck, yet they apply for work as though they could.
In the past, when the economy was flourishing, they were hired, trained and paid. Now though, times being tough, casual paychecks aren't easily dispensed. Here's a teen test: We're
paid for work for which we developed a skill or were trained to do. Assuming a teen doesn't speak a second language, how long would he keep his retail service assistant job in a strongly ethnic shopping area? Not long I would imagine

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