Apple: negative balance in Italy, only 3 million to the IRS

August 28, 2013 – 23:27
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The subsidiaries of Apple in Italy presented their budgets and the results indicate a closing "red" accounts. " Apple Retail Italy ", in fact, one of the two subsidiaries of the corporation that manages the Cupertino thirteen Italian Apple Store, closed at a loss: due to the costs, especially those related to the purchase of their products from their counterparts in Irish companies (for a total expenditure amounted to 196.5 million euro).

Despite doubling sales in 2012, passed 127 to 250 million euro, the Apple Retail Italy has recorded losses of 11.5 million euro. This has meant that the company does not ripen tax obligations to the IRS Italian, on the other hand has a credit of € 2.5 million in respect of the Revenue.

There was however a positive trend for the "Apple Italy", the other subsidiary of the multinational of smartphones in our country. The company deals with the sales support and marketing services for the "Apple Distribution", based in Ireland. "Apple Italy" had a turnover of around 30 million euro through the activities aimed at the Irish subsidiary, coming to pay € 3 million in taxes to the Italian tax authorities. A minimum amount compared to the $ 156 billion of revenues generated by Apple on a global scale, even more so when you consider that the year before "Apple Italy" has paid 5.5 million euro in taxes, compared to a net profit of more than 10 million to which should be added the € 31 million paid to Apple in Cupertino.

The Apple in Italy through the Apple Store had a turnover of approximately 250 million euro, compared to sales in our market should be set at about 2 billion euro. If you look then to Europe, sales of Apple in 2012 had revenues of $ 36 billion, not counting the revenues of the Apple Store.

The suspicion that emerges from these practices is that even the Apple games with the phenomena of "fiscal dumping", ie the possibility for a multinational to target their profits to those states where it enjoys a lower tax rate. In the case of multinational iPhone profits are channeled through its Irish subsidiary, where Apple has negotiated a lower tax rate to 2%.

A suspicion is not born within the Italian Revenue Agency, but "imported" from the already heated protests innescatesi a few months ago in the United States: there last May, the U.S. Senate has accused the multinational of Cupertino to have circumvented the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to allocate Irish tax revenues of $ 74 billion in four years.


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