Creators of "Banana Kong" explained his decision to leave the game for free on the App Store

August 28, 2013 – 23:27
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Gamaga, the studio behind the successful Chilean title indicates that it was always his intention to lower the price of the application, while receiving the initial bet accelerated plans

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On 24 January this year, the Chilean Gamaga game studio released "Banana Kong", his second game for mobile, exclusively for iOS, under the German publishing company FDC Entertainment. What followed were months of good sales, a positive reception from critics and the success of the game beyond the borders of our country.

The title, which initially sold for U.S. $ 0.99, reached new levels of popularity last July 23, when a promotional strategy was set free for 24 hours in the App Store to reinforce the output of a major upgrade.

Only that day were conducted 600 000 downloads of the game, the same number achieved since the launch in January. The decision was clear: let the free game, making it one of the most popular free programs Apple Store in several countries.

Rodrigo Contreras, Gamaga general manager, told Emol the idea of ​​lowering the price to play was present from the beginning. "We had a deadline to do so, although we had thought it more or less in November. But after launching the new update said 'it's time', " he says.

The update that is referenced Contreras which added new content to the game: Now the gorilla who escapes from a wave of bananas in an endless race can also reach an underground world, entering through a pipe in the jungle. It also included new objects to buy and more missions.

The story of "Banana Kong" party in 2010, when set Gamaga study in Santiago. After several Flash games and mobile launch ("Follow The Rabbit"), FDG Entertainment Gamaga contacted with an idea. "They said they had the concept of a gorilla running through the jungle and asked what happened to us. Occurred to us that the idea of ​​escaping from a wave of bananas because they ate too much and together we developed all the features of the game" , says Contreras.

After 10 months of development, "Banana Kong" finally arrived in the App Store in January and explains the manager of the company, the idea was always to move from a payment model to a free download. "If it's completely free, game features tend to favor people who are willing to pay to continue playing. Instead, the people who is willing to pay you first have different behaviors. Think that if you pay for something, have to enjoy it as much as possible in order to feel rewarded. then our goal was to find a balance that would allow us to take advantage of those people at the beginning and at the free throw was not a sudden change, "he explains.


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