System allows the store owner to identify the busiest areas of the site

July 17, 2013 – 00:00

hotzone consumo homem loja varejo roupa HotZone, Virtual Gate company, helps retailers identify areas of the property where buyers spend more time. The starting price of the service is $ 9000

The Virtual Gate recently launched a solution that enables the analysis of the movement of people in a particular area of ​​the store with gradual differentiation of most ("hot") to the smallest ("cold"). This tool can measure the retailer where customers circulate, identify the need for change in layout and better use of store space and study systematically the behavior of consumers at their point of sale.

The starting price of the analysis is $ 9000 per project. According to Fabio Beltran, manager for retail analysis company, the product is indicated for units newly opened or interested in making changes "layout".

According to the company, the benefits in using HotZone are: the identification of areas of high concentration of people; readjustment display to attract more consumers, negotiating with suppliers based on actual data (eg shelves); readjusting to the layout identification of ways and used real-time feedback of the changes.

In other countries

In the U.S., the networks of departments already use tools that are capable of distinguishing the mood of the consumer for facial recognition cameras. The devices are placed in the eyes of mannequins or in different parts of the establishment. The information from the sensors are captured and interpreted by a system. Thereafter, results are generated as the buyer profile, where you live and whether you are happy or not. This analysis is done through customer data that are available on the internet, such as Facebook posts.

They are also used algorithms that can compute feelings by drawing a smile on the face of the people. "As there is a privacy issue, the consumer is asked by an application on the mobile shop is authorized to use the information from him, " says Ana Claudia de Oliveira, sales manager for Pivotal, a subsidiary of EMC, working with big data. At the time, EMC provides the technology to U.S. customers, but there is still expected to come to Brazil.


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