Working at the United Nations

August 28, 2013 – 23:26
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Working at the United Nations

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All vacancies in the Secretariat are published on the portal Careers UN (

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The Secretariat of the United Nations is looking for qualified and motivated individuals who firmly believe in the goals and mandates of the Organization and want an international career. The UN provides the ability to serve large global causes in a multicultural and dynamic environment in various duty stations around the world.

The United Nations personnel is acquired values ​​and principles of the Organization, such as integrity, professionalism, efficiency and respect for diversity. The Organization accepting applications from nationals of all Member States and strongly urges women to apply. People with disabilities can apply for all jobs, regardless of the type of commitment, in accordance with the UN Charter.

In addition to the opportunity that is offered to students to do an internship at the United Nations, there are various ways to join the ranks of United Nations staff.

If you want to submit your application for a position in the General Service and related categories, such as a secretary, an agent of trades, security guard, or a support post please send them directly to the UN office installed in your country.


The United Nations proposed the youth program administrators and a competition for positions requiring special language .

Associate Experts Programme

This program offers graduates of universities or institutions of higher education the opportunity to gain professional experience in the field of technical cooperation in the United Nations Secretariat.

Internship program at Headquarters

The organization provides opportunities for students to master in a course at its headquarters in New York, as well as in other offices of the Organization.

Jobs in the United Nations system

If you want to work for agencies, funds and programs of the United Nations, you must visit their website directly. . You can access most of these sites through links available on the website of the Commission for the International Public IN.


Vacancy announcements are published in English and French as well as instructions on how to apply, how to fill his personal history and how to send the application online. Vacancies in the missions of peacekeeping, political missions and other missions are also advertised on this site.

Notice to candidates

Some jobs are sometimes presented as from the United Nations when he is not. The United Nations does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview, processing or other). For more information, see page mail fraud .



2010-08-12 14:13:13 by FWLittle

Are you concerned that untrained teens can't find jobs this year? It is any wonder they can't get a job? Not to me it isn't.
U.S. teens aren't prepared to work in jobs for which there are vacancies. PERIOD. They can't do anything that actually generates a paycheck, yet they apply for work as though they could.
In the past, when the economy was flourishing, they were hired, trained and paid. Now though, times being tough, casual paychecks aren't easily dispensed. Here's a teen test: We're
paid for work for which we developed a skill or were trained to do. Assuming a teen doesn't speak a second language, how long would he keep his retail service assistant job in a strongly ethnic shopping area? Not long I would imagine

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