Last round of the Championship stirs fights for places in the Premier League 2013-14

May 3, 2013 – 00:00

Jeff Schlupp + + Leicester + City + v + Nottingham + Forest + WbSDKfDcPjMxMatch between Nottingham Forest and Leicester City,who can give job to one of the two (Photo: Playback)

On Saturday,there will be the last round of Npower Championship,the English second division.Completely decisive.On the one hand,fights for vacant,either directly,as the playoffs.The other,fight to not fall for the League One

In the fight for direct access,we have two games that matter.The first and only one to guarantee a place until now,has been the champion Cardiff City.Hull City and Watford fight for second place direct.The Hull will face Cardiff at home,while Watford face Leeds United at home,which no longer fight for nothing more in Championship.

Combinations for direct vacancy:

Hull: Just need to beat Cardiff.Or draw since the Watford not win.May lose,since the miss Watford to Leeds.

Watford: Need to beat Leeds,as long as the do not beat Cardiff Hull.Or draw,since Hull lose your game.In this case,the vacancy would be set in the balance.

Goal difference now

Hull: 9

Watford: 28

In the battle for playoff berth,will be four teams for two spots.The only completely secured in the playoffs,is Brighton.Crystal Palace,Bolton Wanderers,Nottingham Forest and Leicester City fight for the remaining places.The Crystal Palace plays at home against Peterborough desperate.Caio Bittencourt Bolton play at home against Blackpool,do not fight for anything more,and Nottingham Forest and Leicester City are the classic round fight in the playoffs.

Combinations for playoff berth:

Palace: Need a simple victory.In case of a tie or defeat,the classification will be Forest Bolton or do not win.

Bolton: Need to beat Blackpool.In case of a tie,only enter if Forest do not pass their goal.Defeat disposal.

Forest: Need to beat Leicester.If Bolton do not win in this case will automatically enter.If you win,would that trouncing,to spend the balance of Bolton.Also enter the Palace lost.If they draw or lose,eliminated.

Leicester: Need to beat the Forest,and hope Bolton do not beat Blackpool.

Goal difference now

Palace: 10

Bolton: 8

Forest: 5

Leicester: 22

In the fight for relegation,we define a recessed,the Bristol City.Fighting to keep from falling,5 times,with one foot planted in the pit,three struggling not to fall drastically,and almost 1 saved.The Millwall play off against Derby.The Sheffield Wednesday face Middlesbrough at home.The Peterborough playing against an almost qualified for the playoffs Crystal Palace.The Barnsley play away against a near Huddersfield saved,and almost relegated Wolverhampton seasons ago that was in the Premier League,playing their last hopes against Brighton away from home.



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