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Employment is the Thing, and all walks of life must have manpower development cooperation. In the "people seeking something" and "do ask for help" in the process, the department offers a range of employment services, including the provision of a wide range of recruitment services to employers and job-seekers more easily paired. Among them, organizing large-scale recruitment will be useful platform.

This is two days (March 13 and 14, 2011) Labour Department has just Southorn Stadium in Wan Chai held a recruitment and training Expo, there are 90 companies will set up counters the-spot recruitment; another ten are training bodies, training courses for the scene insiders.

In order to understand the latest job seeking and recruitment pulse of the market, and I this morning specifically to take a trip. This recruitment will be recruited from about 5, 600 vacancies in various industries, including retail, catering and transportation, where a higher proportion of jobs provided by the catering industry. In addition to all kinds of service jobs, there are a lot of process-related jobs such as assistant aircraft maintenance staff, technicians and so on.

To attract young people to join the employer to provide appropriate training and promotion opportunities are very important, and I at the scene to talk with a number of representatives, we also particularly concerned about this point. The presence of a number of catering establishments have told me that they provide a good ladder, such as a coffee bar staff, shop managers have the opportunity to move to the district manager of the stairs.

Last year, the Labour Department of the territory held 17 large-scale job fairs, a total of 444 companies participated, providing a total of over 37, 000 jobs, attracting more than 35, 600 people attending the event. To reduce costs and fares tiring job seekers, including six games held in remote areas, including the North, Tung Chung and Tuen Mun, providing more than 14, 700 jobs and attracted nearly 12, 400 people to the scene.

Labour recruitment and training of this first Expo was held also in Sheung Shui, I visit the North in early when the DC members told me that recruitment will be well received by the job-seekers, I hope we can redouble our efforts. The Labour Department will continue to organize large-scale job fairs in remote areas, in order to promote employment opportunities for local residents. In addition, to strengthen the residents living in remote areas of employment support, the Department is preparing to set up an employment center in Tung Chung, which will facilitate local job seekers get employment services and save on transportation costs.

In fact, Lantau Island itself has a lot of job opportunities, and I know the district seven large companies including Disney, Ngong Ping 360 and AsiaWorld-Expo, also next Saturday (March 23) job fair held at Tung Chung provide about 1, 000 covers hotel, tourism and convention industry vacancies in situ employment promotion, I encourage local residents to grasp these opportunities and more.



2010-08-12 14:13:13 by FWLittle

Are you concerned that untrained teens can't find jobs this year? It is any wonder they can't get a job? Not to me it isn't.
U.S. teens aren't prepared to work in jobs for which there are vacancies. PERIOD. They can't do anything that actually generates a paycheck, yet they apply for work as though they could.
In the past, when the economy was flourishing, they were hired, trained and paid. Now though, times being tough, casual paychecks aren't easily dispensed. Here's a teen test: We're
paid for work for which we developed a skill or were trained to do. Assuming a teen doesn't speak a second language, how long would he keep his retail service assistant job in a strongly ethnic shopping area? Not long I would imagine

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