How's the job for Edinburgh?

May 31, 2012 – 00:00

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First of all,I must say that is a response difficult to answer,is very subjective,but due to high demand from Spanish to ask this question,try to give some tips and answer both the question from different points of view and areas.

Is there work?

Yes,there is work, but there are many people (better or worse prepared) looking for him too,so you can take your first conclusion about the law of supply and demand.

What's working?

Well,there's also substance.Sector depends where you look.

Do not tell me: you are someone who is looking for gigs "of whatever" ... (you're a more than 98% of Spanish coming to Edinburgh in search of the gigs).Such gigs were usually summarize three wonderful jobs: washing dishes (kitchen porter),waiter / waitress (waiter / waitress) or make beds (housekeeping).

The service sector is the largest employment sector in Edinburgh reaching 92.2% of the jobs.Despite the current recession,these industries will continue to be big business in Edinburgh:

  • 35% utilities,health and education.
  • 20% in hospitality and tourism.
  • 30% in administration,IT and finance

In decline:

  • Construction industry 4.2%
  • Industrial sector 2.8%
  • Primary sector (mining and agriculture) 0.7%

What about it?

Well,shit.But hey,you did not want gigs?Chill out,that while you have it,you always comfort her: "at least I have job ...","in Spain would not be doing anything ...","it could be worse ...".

At least pay well,right?

No,you will be paid the national minimum wage (National Minimal Wage) which is £ 6.08 an hour.

What is that to euros as a deposit?

Anyway!You live here,you buy and pay in pounds.

Well,but this is what I,then I find a steady job,right?

Maybe,maybe not.In this life there are people who have more luck than others,some people find gigs in a week and another six months to check and found nothing.Some call it luck,others fate.What is clear is that finding work depends on several factors:

1 your English.In most cases,one lying (for upward course).But since I do not have to lie and is for your own interest,ask yourself these questions: What is really your English? adjectives do not think 'medium','low'.Be honest with yourself - Think: how many years I have been studying English over my life?,How many years does not study English?,How many times I have spoken in English in another country?

2nd of the season to come.High season (peak season) catering goes,more or less,from Easter to end of September.Especially in August when they celebrated the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.This does not mean that if you come in winter you will not find work nor to come in summer and come pouring Arabian job.It's just a fact.Also busy at Christmas,for the Hogmanay.

3 rd of your motivation.You have to move.And sack.Unless you're "The Esteban" the work does not come to the door of your house and you know it.

  • ,no sólo en Gumtree; Googlea,dedica tiempo y paciencia. Search all jobs on the Internet,not only in Gumtree,Googles,takes time and patience.
  • : pateate la ciudad (y además verás que no eres el único con carpeta y CVs en mano). Get outside: pateate the city (and also see you're not the only one with folder and CVs in hand).
  • : pregunta por el manager del local y entregale el CV en persona. Trust yourself: ask for the manager of the place and give him the expert in person.Always will remember more of you than of 523564 resumes you received today.
  • y dedícale horas y días,¡si hace falta empieza desde cero! For God's shake cúrrate the CV and devote hours and days,if necessary starting from scratch!
  • Ask friends (if you have not known).
  • Do anything!- Could lead you somewhere.



2010-08-12 14:13:13 by FWLittle

Are you concerned that untrained teens can't find jobs this year? It is any wonder they can't get a job? Not to me it isn't.
U.S. teens aren't prepared to work in jobs for which there are vacancies. PERIOD. They can't do anything that actually generates a paycheck, yet they apply for work as though they could.
In the past, when the economy was flourishing, they were hired, trained and paid. Now though, times being tough, casual paychecks aren't easily dispensed. Here's a teen test: We're
paid for work for which we developed a skill or were trained to do. Assuming a teen doesn't speak a second language, how long would he keep his retail service assistant job in a strongly ethnic shopping area? Not long I would imagine

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