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December 11, 2009 – 00:00
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American Association for alleged fraud tracing USANA (USANA) MLM fraud (2009-12-12 08:16:12)

Fraud Discovery Institute released Alert: record U.S. listed company USANA Health Sciences Inc. Specific misconduct in China


SAN DIEGO / EWORLDWIRE / Oct. 22, 2007 --- (SAN DIEGO) Fraud Discovery Institute (FDI) today sent it to a public Jian Chinese government and the FBI warning, the content recorded in Utah USANA Health Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: USNA) is accused of specific wrongdoing.

This report summarizes the one in Hong Kong, China and the United States conducted a two-month undercover investigation. Survey results indicate that, USANA allegedly engaged in China in law prohibits multi-level marketing activities, USANA in China without a license in the retail industry, the Chinese people have been illegally placed employees worldwide USANA downline, USANA staff to help Chinese people series of false address in Hong Kong, and even taught to which bank should charge illegal commissions, USANA has some 30, 000 in China sales staff, USANA SEC filings to mention its activities in China for specific information, USANA in 2004 -2005 years because of similar illegal activities become public Jian laughingstock. The full report posted on the following new site:

"Fraud Discovery Institute two-month investigation USANA business activities in China is obviously the result, showing a wish to conceal the illegal operations underground conspiracy." Co-founder of the Association Barry Minkow said so. "If you can take advantage of the way underground work, do not pay costs associated with the Chinese government, but also do not have to bother about them stringent restrictions, then why go for an expensive license it? We believe, USANA are engaged in illegal business activities, while attempts to cover it all , not to the United States and China as well as investors know legislative unit. "

Part of FDI findings are as follows:

- USANA and its sales by key is not legally permitted to do business in China or from China.

- Reporting to the SEC official documents, USANA said that Hong Kong is the company's fastest-growing market, the growth percentage is quite high (over the previous year grew by 81.1%), while Hong Kong's membership greatest growth (compared to the previous year growth of 116%), however, omitted in the report seem USANA all relevant Hong Kong / China linkages and job-specific information.

- FDI recruited several located in Hong Kong and China's investigators about USANA lawfully obtained information about the current operating conditions. Where a licensed investigators personally asked USANA Hong Kong Sales Service Officer / employee Lesley Law, this person said USANA Currently in China there are 30, 000 active distributors.


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