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One-price stores (One Price Store)

What is the one-price stores

One-price stores (One Price Store) is the implementation of the same retail price stores , that no matter what the product is a price per piece (such as $ 10 or $ 100, called the ten yuan shops or hundred stores), mostly business days with a small commodity -based, low-price sales unit used merchandise. It is an American Wool Worth in the late 1800s to create a retail formats .

A thin profit-price stores. But commodity sales much. Some stores even attracted to come near the stall hawkers wholesale . Some stall hawkers do not want to run into a hundred dollars all the way to the goods, they feel in a nearby shop purchase price is more cost-effective.

A feature-price stores

(A) management of goods from a general commodities in carefully selected and have a fast turnover rate;

(2) sales to take self-service approach, there is little additional services (such as sales of credit , home delivery), and less advertising propaganda;

(3) limit expenses, lower profit margins, the implementation of the most competitive selling price.

A skill-price stores

1, opening a one-price stores start-up capital of about 10, 000 yuan, mainly facade rent and for the first time restocking fee . Hanzhengjie purchase goods directly in, or from some specialized one-price stores merchandise wholesalers purchase there. Purchase, allowing wholesalers goods by nine corner shop, binary stores, five yuan stores different price categories. Because buy more, so the purchase price is very cheap.

2, a price no shop facade renovation , just some simple shelves can be, directly into the goods on sale. Some stores also specifically divided into different price areas, such as two yuan shop with a small amount of 3 yuan, 5 yuan of goods to meet customers' diverse needs .

3, the industry, the commonly used a business strategy is short-term mobile sales . Many shops in one place to do for a few months or half a year, it will move, this will give customers a consumer freshness. Some shopkeepers also started in the suburbs and in the country to do a price shop business. They generally only rent facade 1-2 months, store decoration is very simple. If business is good, immediately renewed; come if business is bad, then immediately re-open another place. Because almost no decoration, will not be much damage.

The development of a price stores

According to retail frontier (retail forward) survey, dollar stores (including one-price stores), this decade the hottest part of the retail industry. They are mainly sold non-famous brands of goods, own-brand goods, sale and overstock merchandise , resale commodities, these commodities common feature is the unit value is not high. These companies are also based on their chain system size sale of imported goods, the proportion ranged from 30-60%.

In Atlanta, in the end how much a dollar store or the unknown number. Dollar Tree company spokesman said the company in Dallas and Detroit 250 stores in Atlanta quantity slightly less.

Dollar stores in four listed companies : Family Dollar store (Family Dollar Stores Inc.), USD uniform store (Dollar General Corp..), 99 outlets (99 Cents Only Stores), Dollar Tree (Dollar Tree), they are every day in the newly opened shop. Retail cutting-edge research shows that only the first two will be the average daily newly opened more than one shop.


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India is extremely hostile to foreign companies

2006-04-19 09:47:52 by Repentful

On a number of fronts in just about all sectors of industry but especially in retail:
“WHY are Indians better at cricket than at soccer?” asks Dilip Modi, boss of Spice Communications, an Indian mobile-telephony firm. Because, he jokes, every time you award an Indian a corner, he opens a shop. India, according to a study published last year*, has the highest density of retail outlets of any country in the world—more than 15m, compared with 900,000 in America, where the market is, in value terms, 13 times bigger. In India the retail industry is the largest provider of jobs after agriculture, accounting for 6-7% of employment and about 10% of GDP

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