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August 28, 2013 – 23:26

If you have the opportunity to pass a job interview at the BNP in the Retail Banking branch, this article PICK UP JOB-will interest you ... Here are some issues that need to be addressed to get your employment contract

PICK UP-JOB offers 8 points to show your motivation to recruiters:

BNP a su s'adapter aux nouvelles technologies grâce à des projets innovants au service de la clientèle. Argument 1 - BNP has been able to adapt to new technology through innovative projects to serve the customer. I think the spirit of the modern and innovative bank that fits my personality. Here are some examples that illustrate it

For example, BNP has innovated by opening a "concept store" ultra modern agency focused on the pedagogy of its services and products serving technology (more details here ).

Another example, BNP has been able to keep pace with technological developments such as the ability to perform banking transactions on the web or through smartphone applications After-sales service on Twitter is very convenient since it is free can meet customers immediately.

Another example BNP is one of the first banks to offer a range of mobile payment is undoubtedly the future.

- BNP véhicule un très bonne image de marque en soutenant des oeuvres caritatives comme le téléthon. Argument 2 - BNP vehicle a very good brand in supporting charities like the Telethon. (More details here ), which is helping the sick and distressed people, it is a gesture that I find it very worthy and who can give a good image of the group.

Malgré la crise des sub primes, la crise de l'euro et l'endettement de la Grèce, BNP a réalisé en 2011 un bénéfice net de 6 milliards d'euros. Argument 3 - Despite the sub-prime crisis, the crisis of the euro and the debt of Greece, BNP achieved in 2011 net profit of 6 billion euros. The group therefore has deep pockets and is in good financial health.

Je suis client chez BNP et je trouve les produits et les services très bien, par exemple … Argument 4 - I am a customer and I think BNP products and services very well, for example ...

Les agences de notation donne un bon rating à la BNP, par exemple A+ pour Standard & Poor's ce qui conforte la bonne santé et de dynamisme de l'entreprise. Argument 5 - The rating agency gives a good rating to the BNP, for example, A + by Standard & Poor's which confirms the health and vitality of the company.

Je suis touché par la volonté de l'entreprise de se tourner vers l'international et de conquérir des nouveaux marchés comme en Inde. Argument 6 - I am touched by the willingness of the company to turn to the international and conquer new markets such as India. According to a survey conducted in 2011 by the Indian newspaper The Economic Times, Geojit BNP Paribas is one of the "seven brands that have emerged" in India over the last 10 years.

BNP donne une forte connotation à la formation de son personnel et dispose d'un centre de formation dédié (à Louveciennes). Argument 7 - BNP gives a strong connotation to the training of its staff and has a dedicated training center (in Louveciennes). I am confident that I can easily develop new skills within the group to be even better.

La suite ICI Argument 8 - result HERE





BNP Paribas is a European leader in banking and financial services. BNP is on the stock exchange and is included in the CAC 40. The three core businesses of the group are:


Any local San Francisco advice?

2004-07-11 13:43:39 by wendylue

I have a BS degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. I have had several retail jobs over the years as well as one year as a Marketing Director for a very small company. Anyway, my little sister is going to college in the Bay area and I am seriously considering going out there as well. I currently reside in SD where advancement opportunity is limited. Does anyone have any suggetsions as to where to look for a company with openings or even a good website that list local jobs that are not on Monster and the like? I would appreciate any suggestions!

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