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August 28, 2013 – 23:26

The self-presentation in job interviews

Self-presentation in job interviews

Self-presentation in job interviews "Tell something about yourself." The call for self-presentation is a classic in the interview. You should be proficient in their sleep. We say such a convincing self-presentation works. By Helga Krausser-Raether

Whether assessment center or individual interview, the request for a short presentation of your career often comes first for each competition. "Please introduce yourself to the person and to your professional development before" or "Hold your career for us together, " then is the challenge for you.

Resume in job interviews parroting - boring

One want your interlocutor then not hear from you: The chronological and continuous repetition of your resume with all the individual stations, starting with the highest degree, ending with the present position.

Because they know that after the first selection of the application documents already. On the contrary, you should verbally call in five minutes on the written application, your qualifications, experience and present formative structured. And always with a focus on job-related requirements of your potential employer.

Important messages in Bewerbungsgepräch: I am, I can, I will

An effective short presentation consists of the following modules: I am, I can, I will.

I am: just imagine with your name. You describe your current situation.

An example:

Or: "I am about to complete my B. Sc.-degree home economics at the University of Fulda My bachelor thesis I will leave late December 2009 .... It has the following topic.."

I can: you name the most important stages of the career. Then follow performance or project examples that are relevant to your conversation partner and the position of interest.

Describe briefly the most important in your view for the position offered qualifications that you bring. Likewise, most of the knowledge with a short reference to the occupational, or other stations where they were acquired.

An example:

Essential task priorities are the implementation of strategies in the retail marketing and coordination of all suppliers and service providers in close cooperation with the client and the individual departments, ie product managers, key account, trade marketing and sales.

As the current project example that fits well with the expected tasks in my view, I would like to describe to you the following short ".

I want: Talk about your goals with this application and the desired position you. An example: "I would now like to use the experience gained from my studies, practicals in quality assurance as well as my bachelor thesis and develop it further in the position in your home."

What to do with difficult issues?
When gaps in your CV, you should call these short, if they are longer than four months, and fill it with content. They should not be justified, but objectively represent what was in that time and the experience you have gained in the professional future of this period.

Explain briefly the connection of how your current professional and personal situation is today. Go in your self-representation objectively open with negative career decisions or other difficult issues to.

Vote self-presentation on job advertisement

It is crucial for the selection of candidates finally getting the big match between your qualifications and the requirements of the potential employer. If you're in a job interview or assessment center, your career is your counterpart already convinced at least in the written form.


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Interview questions to ask? Best way to answer ?

2009-07-20 19:27:53 by Princess_Carla_728

So I have a interview with walmart and all the things I can find are not helping. No one tells you what to ask for a retail job. Does anyone know any questions that would be good to ask? Also I tend to not know what to say. I have never gone above and beyond for a customer, always follow the rules at my jobs, never had problems with the people I worked with so I am not sure how to answer the questions they ask and suck at lying. Any tips on what to say.

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