A :: 'interview with Paul French, author of Midnight in Beijing

August 28, 2013 – 23:27

A :: 'interview with Paul French, author of Midnight in Beijing

midnight in Beijing Hello Mr. French. Thank you for accepting my interview and welcome to Liberidiscrivere. Tell us something about yourself. Who is Paul French? Strengths and weaknesses.
I'm basically, I suppose, what today is called an "Old China Hand". I studied the language, history and the Chinese company to 'University and I lived and worked in China, especially in Shanghai, for nearly 20 years. By day job as Chief China Strategist for a large company market research, the Mintel, writing reports on the exciting retail and the Chinese consumer market. At night I write books on the modern history of China, are specialized in the pre-1949 and I am dealing with what were the role and life of the foreign population who lived in Beijing, Shanghai and elsewhere.

Tell us something about your background, your studies, your childhood.

I'm a Londoner 100% - born and raised - and in spite of nearly two and a half decades of study and work in China, my love affair oldest and longest stays with London! There was no good reason for me to develop a deep interest in China - my parents almost never have left England and never traveled outside France or Belgium, so I'm not very sure where he was born this love of travel in the Far East! But I know that when I arrived for the first time in Shanghai, and I strolled along the magnificent river along the Bund and then I got lost in the alleys and streets of the former French Concession, you struck the spark!

What made ​​you decide to become a writer? What made ​​you decide to start writing fiction?

First of all I just wanted to find an outlet for the great stories that I had discovered when I was doing research on China of 1920 and 1930. I wrote a biography of a great American named Carl Crow who came to China in 1911 and left in 1937 - it was a great journalist, adventurer, commentator of all things Chinese and opened the first advertising agency in style West in Shanghai. Then I decided to write a story about foreign correspondents in China - who they were, why they came, what they have written and thought about China. But then I came across the story of Pamela Werner and she became my obsession for about 5 or 6 years ...

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You are not alone

2005-06-29 10:33:03 by idefix

I'm 45.
I felt very uncomfortable when I had to put my birth date and graduation date on one employment application.
I always asked why they preferred another candidate.
Often, I get some lame reasons. e.g.
I'm not too technical, when either no technical questions were asked during the interview or there was no interview.
How did they determine that?
I've to admit that most of the time, due to lack of professional experience, and professional attitude, I don't like the interviewers as well. Probably, my interview reflects my changed attitude (I suffer fools badly)

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