Jobs for Italian in Istanbul

August 28, 2013 – 23:27
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Jobs for Italian in Istanbul

Jobs for Italian in Istanbul - In continuous updating
Department heads pizzeria

To open an "important gastronomic center dedicated to excellence in Italian food" will be hired department heads in the industry pizzeria, both for Istanbul to Dubai. Ideal candidates have at least 3 or 4 years of experience, they are able to manage a team, they know the English language and are available to both the immediate transfer that to work full time (shifts). The interviews will be based in Rome. Go to the article .

Heads bakery department

The Adecco, note the selection of human resources company, is seeking to employ two Italians in Istanbul or Dubai as bakery department heads for the opening of two new stores of Italian products. Applicants must have already done the same job for at least 3 or 4 years in Italy, learn the English language and be able to coordinate a working group. The work is full time and the transfer is immediate. The cognitive interviews will take place in Rome. Go to the article .

Italian job for data entry
Company operating in the field of market research based in Istanbul is looking for an Italian (or anyone with a good knowledge of the language) for a data entry job. Among the requirements, a high school diploma (minimum), knowledge of the programs of the Office Suite, quickly using the keyboard, interest in the field of market research, and, for male candidates, completion of service military. Announcement original.

Italian Pizzaiolo Istanbul
The announcement "wanted Italian pizza in Istanbul" dates from the beginning of April, but the period of actual work begins in September of 2013, it offers fixed-term contract of one year to 2500 Turkish liras per month and provides room and board . Your application must be sent to e-mail (CV and photos) The original ad is located in the portal

Store Manager for Bulgari

For the opening of a new store in Istanbul, Bulgari is looking for a store manager with a perfect command of English and turkish. The candidate must have experience in retail sales in the luxury sector and must have excellent sales skills, leadership and team building, basic computer skills (Office package). The official announcement is about Monster: this link.

Engineers in Istanbul

The D'Appolonia SpA is looking for engineers for places of Istanbul, Seoul, Beijing and Abu Dhabi. In particular, assume - indefinitely - electronic engineers, computer, telecommunications or management engineers. The company, which is based in Turin in Italy, requires minimum experience of 3-5 years and in particular prior experience in: management ILS Integrated Logistics Systems, the combat system, the management of spare parts; studies RAM. The candidate must also know the English language and must be available to work abroad for at least two years. Candidates may send their resume to, indicating as reference the acronym RTS-ILS.
Ad .

Italian architect in Istanbul

The job offer has been published on Kijiji the other day, by an architect in Rome. They are looking for an equal partner architect or ID to open a design studio. It is in this case the interior design.

Call Center operators

Callpex The company is looking for people who know the Italian for calls from Italy about the Pegasus Airlines, the company known for low cost flights.


You are not alone

2005-06-29 10:33:03 by idefix

I'm 45.
I felt very uncomfortable when I had to put my birth date and graduation date on one employment application.
I always asked why they preferred another candidate.
Often, I get some lame reasons. e.g.
I'm not too technical, when either no technical questions were asked during the interview or there was no interview.
How did they determine that?
I've to admit that most of the time, due to lack of professional experience, and professional attitude, I don't like the interviewers as well. Probably, my interview reflects my changed attitude (I suffer fools badly)

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