Dressing "properly" for a job interview

August 22, 2013 – 23:25

par phgarin Published on August 22, 2013 by phgarin

Dressing properly Clean clothes, styled hair, clean shoes, according to the dress code of the company that hires or professional field.

Needless to come butcher's apron for a position butcher, a simple suit and tie, or without a tie if the heat wave, enough. Dark for a job in the service sector, united for all.

For women, simplicity is also de rigueur, handbag which does not attract the eye, light makeup or no makeup, suit, dress cover the knee or pants, clear round or women with large breasts, dark for others.

For all, no jewelry or accessory too flashy, no deodorant penetrating not get sweaty or have sweaty palms.

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Dressing for a job interview

2009-08-26 12:51:38 by babblingbrooke

So I've scored a job interview at an upscale clothing/retail store. I'm not sure what to wear. I really want to get the job, so I should probably present my male self, but I really hope to be able to dress feminine or at least androgonusly on the job, so I wonder if dressing male, and showing up in something else is a good idea. I'm not "presenting" all the time in life, but I have put all my male clothes in the back of the closet and wear only womens clothes now everywhere I go. Pretty neutral stuff. jeans, t's, etc, but this interview requires something more formal. What to do. I suppose I could just forget all this and focus on getting the job, but I want to try at...

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