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August 28, 2013 – 23:26
What to Wear When… You Have a Job Interview

Beijing Sina (2013-08-10 12:11) 網報導,一項最新調查發現,如今的澳洲職場奉行「外貌主義」(Lookism),許多求職者投訴稱,比起工作能力和經驗,僱主對樣貌、體重、體味、髮型等個人外貌因素看的更重,「外貌歧視」已經成為繼種族歧視、性別歧視之外,澳洲職場第三種歧視形態。 BEIJING, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) According to the Australian Network reported that a recent survey found that today's Australian workplace pursue "appearance doctrine" (Lookism), many job seekers who complained that, compared to the ability to work and experience, employers appearance, weight , body odor, hair and other personal appearance factors look heavier, "appearance discrimination" has become the racism, sexism, the third Australian workplace discrimination patterns.

Image quality is very important job

University of Sydney on the 8th announced that the latest survey, according to the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission (VEOC) in the past five years, complaints data show that there are hundreds of staff to their complaints, said because of their weight, appearance, tattoos, hairstyles and other reasons brutally employer discrimination , can not find work.

而被歧視;因髮型被歧視者為38人;另有22名求職者則表示因紋身和穿洞而遭歧視。 Among them, there are 96 job seekers call themselves as "ugly" or a blond reasons such as appearance, being discriminated against; 107 staff being discriminated against due to the heavier weight, the complaints from employers to VEOC; 10 people because of too thin discrimination; there are 17 persons were brutally employer height issue "fire a gun"; addition, there are two people claiming to be due to body odor have been discriminated against; hair who are discriminated against as a result 38 people; another 22 job seekers said because tattoos and Piercers who were discriminated against. In this regard, VEOC spokesman said it is unclear eventually wins complaints caseload.

Merchant: ability to experience defeat appearance

高級諮詢師進行調查后發現,在尋求服飾諮詢及形象打造的客戶中,超過半數客戶在此前的求職過程中都曾因服飾問題遭到歧視。 University of Sydney researchers for 1/3 of the workplace dress senior consultant after an investigation found that, in seeking to create clothing and image consulting clients, more than half of the customers in the previous job search process had one problem costumes discrimination. 套裝。通常情況下,當應聘者數量很多時,外貌是他們用來篩選應聘者的一個標準。」 A consultant, said: "Many employers want employees who make few tattoos or holes, not too fashionable clothing, it is best to wear a business suit. Typically, when the number of candidates is large, appearance is that they used to screen candidates a standard. "

Sydney "workplace dress" advisory bodies founder Esther Walton (Megan Etheridge) said that women seeking jobs best dress standards, is to wear a formal business suit.

University of Sydney Business School, Work and Organization expert Hall (Richard Hall) said that in the retail and hospitality industry, compared to personal experience and ability, employers pay more attention to the appearance of the staff. The person in charge of the Australian Retailers Association Zimoerman (Russell Zimmerman) said that businesses want employees to be able to merchandise the image points. He said: "Take Just Jeans or Jeans West, for example, I believe they will not hire me to do 85-year-old mother employees, unless she looks particularly stylish." Here, Zimoerman proposal, employers best In an interview before their dress code.

Source: news.sina.com.tw

Interview attire for Retail Job

2006-09-05 17:40:23 by ggnore

I am currently in grad school now so I've been applying for part time jobs and got an interview at Cingular (doing part time retail sales- YAY)
My problem is that I just moved up here and did not bring any of my formal attire (suits/ties) with me.
Can I wear a nice, newly ironed - wrinkle free oxford shirt/slacks and be fine?

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