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August 28, 2013 – 11:26

of students

And yet, I remember the endless bickering between the "for" and "against", with the line of sight loss of intellectual capacity of future generations. By the way, if I do see a decline in mental arithmetic skills of my students, I would like to see a sharp increase their skills in good numbers of relevant areas in the engineering profession (but I will).

The teachers then had to adapt to the new world that was required of them. They review the problems they gave to students, sometimes for decades. Indeed, some problems became ridiculously easy when we had this wonderful instrument of calculation. I called these problems "testing calculators." Some teachers have more time to adapt, which allowed me to sometimes have unexpected notes, especially in chemistry. I remember those old teachers we muttered "how will you to calculate your logarithms if the calculator fails" ...

You have to accept progress, adapt and accept that some skills become obsolete. The use of logarithmic tables is included.

Easy access to internet for all students, everywhere and all the time with mobile phones, has changed the situation for many teachers and revolutionizes the way to understand a lot of problems. Is it necessary to learn by heart a given amount of information when it is easily accessible? What kind of knowledge should be taught: the knowledge that information is available, namely the return or knowledge itself? Each teacher responds to this type of question in his practice and expertise. But it sometimes leads to what I call "Google test", that is to say the tests where the answers can be easily found with a search engine.

I am personally in the questioning of my professional future, I do my little midlife crisis and, despite a job that I love and still offers me a lot of challenges, I find it hard to admit that I will never be able change jobs in the next 15 years, if I do not do it now. I talk about in this post . I am trying to respond to ads and pass interviews. Given my profile and experience of legal expert, I seek a position in the forensics analysis . By the way, I thank the readers of this blog and all twittos who relayed the information.

And among the hundreds tens some offers shown on this market niche thousands, I answered an ad in the ANSSI . The National Security Agency Information Systems together indeed many forensics specialists, some of whom I met at SSTIC. It is with a true desire to work with these people that I went to the interview that I was offered.

I agreed not to disclose the content of this interview, so I will not give you details on the course, nothing about the confiscation of my phones at home, I shall deal with the difficulty of finding the address or air conditioning down.

One point, however, surprised me, recruiters have had what I call a "Google test". Called "technical test", it is a long form with many technical questions about all aspects of forensics. All responses to this test can be easily found on Google. Except that I did not have internet access ...


Handwirten thank-you cards for job interviews

2011-04-11 11:12:31 by snooze_button

I now mail handwritten thank-you cards and drop them in the mail after a job interview. I also email anyone who provided their business card a thank you note (since I couldn't write everything on the card) within 24 hours.
BUT I feel all this is pointless when the interview obviously went badly :(

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lol that's how I'm going to end my next job interview. “Thank you, that'd be it.” Indigo.

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