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August 28, 2013 – 23:26


The interview went great, but the answer is slow in coming. Is it pandering to thank in such a case for the Gespäch? Application coach Heiko Ludemann gives advice

SZ readers Hajo W. asks:

I am for a few months looking for a job and now had an interesting interview . It went well, but I'm not sure if the enthusiasm was mutual. Now I am sitting on hot coals and would like to do something, for example to thank for the interview. Hold the appropriate - or is that pandering?

Heiko Ludemann, Bewerbungstrainer from Stuttgart, answers:

To say it right away: Access to paper and pen and write you off! With a thank you letter after the interview to surprise the other person in a pleasant way. After a job interview not only the personnel manager has to make an important decision. They also consider themselves again whether the company really suits you.


If you are still interested, write a thank you letter that summarizes the main points of the interview and your personal assets. Call in the subject line of your letter, to which conversation it is and when it took place. For example, "interview to participate in communication on September 21, 2010". This information helps the HR managers to quickly remind yourself and possibly researching his records under those keywords.

Thank you, first in one sentence polite for the encounter: "I thank you for this interesting and sympathetic interview on 21 September 2010." In the main part of your letter you reaffirm your interest in the job. About: "It is by

how to work on my desire in your business and to make a significant contribution to the success of the internal and external communication through my involvement. "So once more underlines the benefits you can donate in the company.

Give points from the interview, which is noticed pleasant. "Have especially enjoyed your description of the implementation of the project and show your proposed course of action with regard to the impending development team.": You can also mention specific behaviors in the conversation or in leadership behavior

If certain requirements stipulated in the knowledge in conversation not really come into play, so the time is right to set them again right scene. Make positively represent your special skills and bring your personality traits to the point: "You win an employee who committed projects designed and implemented by me teamwork and flexibility round out my profile.."


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OT: I need job interview help

2007-02-12 07:23:09 by ------

I went on a job interview about a week and a half ago. they were supposed to make their decision by the end of last week. I really want to email them, nad ask how the process is going, but I don't want to be pushy.
Should I email them anyways? And there any special way I should word my email? I did send a thank you card after the interview.

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