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August 28, 2013 – 23:27
Should I Send a Thank You Card after a Job Interview?

Author: surface (Sunshine Otaku ~) Kanban: Bioindustry Subject: [impression] Interview experiences in four months time: Thu Jan 27 23:52:26 2011 I was a bit long post graduates, retired the first two from the end of December May start looking for work, and now just about almost three months, and finally into good company (from that), but also they want to work, this time in fact, was quite weird smells. Looking for a job is really simple, I think in addition to their ability to better than (70%), but also a good local transport (30%). People say that the so-called "one-third of the heavens, seven by the hard" to find a job which, of course, also encountered a lot of frustration, but I wish to say is that this is normal, think of it as their progress. Middle of the interview was when the fire a gun sometimes want to say, simply go back and do a good assistant, but is not willing, feel that they have the ability to do work outside assistants, so reluctantly gave up the middle a few feel pretty good assistant. So I think a good job is worth the wait, targeted people must not be defeated setback to engage in the work of their second pick. Also, I think the first job after graduation will determine your future way, I also suggest that you think about your future good to want to do what a way, you will not be in the interview when asked about the planning chaos hands and feet; two are interested to do their own work relatively less painful (incidentally push Recent Movies: three fool); three years, to find the right job for the future is also relatively easy to upsize transfer, for example, you first engaged in the administration assistant, and later as a lab assistant job you want to change jobs, the Division will challenge your ability to find a job there is a standard. During this period I am grateful to this version, so I would like to experience some of the interview talk with you, there is a need to give some reference faithful version of the interview, if there is a need to ask more detailed letter to ask or water polo can also be asked if the My ability permits, I will answer the question as to repay everyone bit this edition. [Resume preparation process] 1111 and 104 in addition to the standard curriculum vitae Job Bank two outside, I suggest that we must prepare a resume of their own design. One Chinese, one English. Some foreign investors requires good English skills, we have enclosed resume in English, must greatly plus. Google it on the network will have a lot of examples. When I download many large pharmaceutical companies is the Internet's standard resume, take the advantages and disadvantages of each resume pieced together into something your resume. Chinese history in favor of biographical form in favor of making English the column type is obviously very different from Chinese history. Resume must write his autobiography, there must be photographs, no work experience, the lab has held short-term jobs to write up (Adjunct Assistant, Teaching Assistant, to help laboratory reimbursement, etc.), or write just to write these societies experience Let your resume does not look empty (fresh people), but also to interview some of you know, at least when the interview question you can ask. [Cast biographies process] a start must be blunderbus This is indeed okay job over a period of time, you will get to know various jobs job content, but also will face a certain direction / job openings to find work. Cast resume the process I think is a trial and error learning, but will slowly come out of their orientation. But do not for several months to find a job, and still blunderbus. In addition, I do not think the same company at the same time cast two or more positions, I think I am human capital, then I would think that people in the end of their ability to understand where or question you are not in blunderbus, so even if there two are like Esen elect a first preference vote. An exception is that the two positions are not the same as the contact person, do not try to imitate both; or two intrinsic condition "is very similar." I think now we all use the 104/1111 and other major sites of active candidates, but how similar everyone's biographical highlights the difference? In fact, I think we can make good use of some small tools, such as the two banks have manpower upload function works, intentions point to upload their own elaborate Chinese resume or curriculum vitae in English or upload your own participation in various activities (seminars, competitions, associations, etc.) participate photos, but it is recommended to avoid transfer pdf files have compatibility problems. Also, I think self-recommendation letter is one of the important little details, the vast history of human capital is not the first to see your education and experience, but your letter of recommendation but we almost always ignored, and I think this part can good play ... For example, I have written what I call ○ ○ ○, ○ ○ graduated from the University of ○ ○ Institute. For animal experiments, experiments and animal experiments meristem have a certain standard. Recently learned that your company is seeking ○ ○ ○ ○. Although I was a mere workplace fresh, but I'll be on my future work seriously and make the greatest efforts prove I'm ready to work them. Effectiveness of any opportunity for your company, it will definitely go all out. I enclose my resume and related information, sincerely hope to have the opportunity to participate in the interview, thank you. ==== I have learned there is a job vancany in your department, and I am highly interested in this job. Therefore, I have arranged and sent my CV by xxxx. Please look over. Thanks a lot. I was graduated from Department of xxxxx, xxxx University. I am proficient in animal experiment, molecular cell biology / experiment and the cell culture-related techniques. I will try my best to prove that I am ready for this position. I am not sure whether this wording fluent but At least emphasize my advantage, and that is different than the others, the other candidates fear that they will be on the way to attach the English foreign letters of recommendation. In addition, if the contact (HR) information which has E-mail to e-mail the way I will be your resume (not 104/1111) sent personal data, in order to exposure opportunities. [Before the interview] must do your homework before the interview. First company website must look carefully, the contents should make job openings to understand. Interview several companies, each must ask is, "You know what our company is doing it?" "You know how many job openings for this?" ... These problems, if the interview must pass exam answer, presumably interview results also ominous. For example: you are interviewing is the home CRO companies, not just what is going to know CRO, but also to understand the whole process of clinical research. From IP-> IND-> NDA middle in the end what are the steps, and "to participate in this company in the end what?", I understand that many CRO companies can not single-handedly all the processes, some only arranged pre-clinical, Some only entrusted phaseII, III. These are the interviewer needs to know in advance or even have some preliminary understanding of proper nouns, such as GMP, GLP, GCP, SOP ... and so on. I think these will be for the exam answer these very helpful ... also recommend going to google it before the interview interview FAQ, I remember that there are many sites have finishing 100 interview questions to ask, we can go look at the interview , and try to answer those questions. I'm here about finishing a few interviews I often ask to (at least another experience where I interviewed), 1 self-introduction (Chinese / English) - will issue 2 your strengths and weaknesses? - We must be able to cite examples In addition disadvantaged must be used with the duties of independent candidates, or talk about some innocuous vulnerable, and can propose solutions. For example: I do things very carefully, so sometimes dragged some of the progress. Planning capacity at the time but later a great improvement, so are pre-made schedule, so then it can be completed within a matter of time ... - This problem can easily be killed had been asked to go forward, but also the most easy to see that you are not speaking out again due to interview a statement. For example, will ask "Do you later how learning time planning capabilities? Your schedule how row? Long row once?" This time we test your resilience should be noted that it could not have before and after the conflict. 3 Do you think the family is still important to make money important? - Big trap title!! Basically I think the interview A and B have to ask you what is important are big trap, you choose one you would be wrong! I think the answer to this question are two very important ways, there is a feedback between the role of the family is a great work of the pillars, there is a working family will feel adrift without a solid: if it were not for the public, how to support starting a family, so Both are indispensable .... 4 team do you like? 5. Your professor / your friends think you are the kind of people? They said you what advantages and disadvantages? 6 Why you wanted to apply for this job? - This question should combine your advantages and capabilities needed this job opportunity, this is a good time to sell yourself. But do not answer, because your company is very stable and the like. Sample answer: Because my university / institute is engaged ○ ○ ○ research, but also very interested in this regard and experience on the job site saw signs ○ ○ ○ get in position. I think in my previous cumulative ○ ○ ○, ○ ○ ○ experience, so I think that my work performance advantage can be in this very well. 7 Why is your future plan? There a way to continue their studies? - I think this question is a trap question, companies must apply for people who want their stable long-term work, so no answer "at work ○ ○ month / year after continue reading Boban "Ken education is a good thing, but in the company's position, you will want to train people to run away after a while you work? answer so I suggest a way yes, back into the attack and defend! first understand the company Greece does not want you to pursue further studies ... "I hope to have a steady and practical work, and no studies in the short term plans. After entering your company, hoping for the company's efforts to pay, but will be at work where there is insufficient capacity, and therefore the use of free time job training, attending seminars or courses taken to constantly increase their competitiveness in the workplace and ability and I hope their work ○ years to have the opportunity for promotion ○ ○ toward development work in the company in the future if there is training / further education needs, but also the premise of not affecting the work ... "This answer leave a great way for their posterior, follow-up and then based on the examiner attitude to strengthen answer. If the hearing examiner tone that the company will encourage you to training, then you can put your plan future learning, learning points for your answer in strengthening; training for the employees if the company had reservations about, you have to enhance how you would This company efforts to stabilize the pay, but do not mention you have a willingness to want to pursue further studies. All in all, bends with the wind! 8 you to the company's understanding that? You for this work is the understanding? 9 If you lead a team, there has been a small group, resulting in the progress of work a great delay, how would you solve? 10. Do you have anything to ask you? - frequently asked is "What if I get this job supervisor, my primary goal is to accomplish what?" "Does the company will give me what kind of pre-service training so I quickly enter the state ? "" Could competent for me to do this interview comment so that I can improve the future "- do not ask to pay and benefits issues (propose to get the offer and then talk) [interview] keep smiling, do not exposing impatient feeling ... Do not be nervous, try to take a deep breath ... dressed formally ... (recommending the most formal attire) [interview] to review their performance in this interview and do a bad place correction, so then the next interview which make the same mistake. Proposal to send a thank you letter to contact your personal data and the interviewer (usually supervisor will give you a card) to fight a good impression, it is recommended to send the same day, maybe every few days to send people to forget who you are. Content is probably thank the company for giving me this opportunity to interview, if fortunate enough to enter your company, the company will strive to contribute effort. And thank the interviewer during the interview which has given me problems and suggestions for future improvements will be my approach ... and the like. [Conclusion / experience] I think the interview was a show, play a game together interviewer appetite. You have to take out your paints, let the interviewer see that you are really very powerful, do not you let her think that he would die. Sometimes not your not strong, is substandard play you play the interviewer appetite, he likes to watch Night Life, the results you play Qiong Yao's play to him. Do not be discouraged, you will always find the horses. Sometimes ordinary ability, but the appetite for the examiner to be fancy or a trait, of course, the opportunity to interview a substantial increase. So I explained at the outset, 30% is to have a good local transport ... == these months, interviewed five companies, five research assistants. Research assistants have an interview there, while five companies only on one. In an interview after the fire a gun every company always spend a lot of time to think, in the end which side did a good job, which side did not write history, did not answer questions where good? Every interview has a little bit of progress, even a Start interviewer told me that I was too nervous enough stability to later interviews reflect company complimented my good spot. I think the interview was fire a gun but is a major key to your progress ... so keep'm still interviewing everyone said, do not give up their ideals, to grasp every opportunity to interview progresses, a good job at hand. Interview tips have time to share it, playing a lot of words hand very acid ... XD - ※ Write station: D kick Industrial Square (ptt.cc) ◆ From: push pppeko: very serious, heap a 01 / 27 23:55 pushed birdddd: Hello seriously yo ~ Thank you for the post 01/28 00:01 pushed simonmiho: Fantastic!! is to have this spirit!!!!! 01/28 00:12 pushed Elsa0426 : super powerful to give you a praise!! 01/28 00:34 pushed puputa: Thank you to share ~ ~ ~ seriously push a!! 01/28 01:14 pushed Jayc: great article .... but I did not Learn why not be the first to know compensation and benefits? 01/28 07:43 pushed yamason: would like to ask the relevant qualifications is not there? Because some degree feeling good interview just 01/28 08:26 → yamason: form only 01/28 08:26 → hoch: original po-called " letter of recommendation "The fact is we generally say" cover letter ". 01/28 08:58 → hoch: not ask the teacher or former employer written reference letter. 01/28 08:58 → hoch: Another push on the strength of the original po said there, be sure to use real-life examples. Not 01/28 09:01 → hoch: To just use vague terms, such as hard .... I am. 01/28 09:01

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Handwirten thank-you cards for job interviews

2011-04-11 11:12:31 by snooze_button

I now mail handwritten thank-you cards and drop them in the mail after a job interview. I also email anyone who provided their business card a thank you note (since I couldn't write everything on the card) within 24 hours.
BUT I feel all this is pointless when the interview obviously went badly :(

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