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August 28, 2013 – 23:26

22. March 2011 Experteer Milan nerve center of Italy

Milan is famous worldwide as the capital of fashion and style Made in Italy. The New York Times puts the Lombard capital as the only Italian city on the list of 41 places to visit, citing art, design and fashion among the main reasons of attraction of the metropolis, which is thus transformed from renowned tourist destination, real magnet for the business.

Milan is also the hub of financial assets , which handle the banking market, strongly international character, and equity. Some of the best-known names are UBS, Societe General, Deutsche Bank, and KPMG.

The fashion industry

The fashion industry and design research specialists in different fields, including the production of clothing, leather and footwear, retail and wholesale, communication and counseling and, finally, public relations. The complex system of the companies involved in the fashion market is growing rapidly and signs of development for the future confirm the positive trend started in 2010. The turnover of fashion has, in fact, an increase of 8% in the first half of 2011 * and opportunities remain unchanged for the second semester.

The theater of fashion

In support of the whole field of fashion, Milan has developed a dense network of infrastructures that facilitate the meeting between the specialists of the companies in the fashion industry. The most important industry trade shows take place in the new exhibition center opened in 2000, Rho-Pero.

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* Fashion Economic Trends , January 2011 - National Chamber of Italian Fashion

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Help me with interview!

2003-10-17 15:34:07 by anon4

I have an interview soon with a "recycled" clothing store- don't want to name which one. I've never worked retail but the position is supervisory- I have lots of experience doing that- So just wondering
1.if anyone thinks this is a good idea to start something new- I'm having a terrible time trying to get a job in my field- accounting.
2. what do you think they will ask in the interview- anyone else done retail interviews lately?
I really love fashion and would have fun even if it pays less than I am used to and all that. Since the job market is so sucky I need to do something! Help!

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