How to Dress for a Job Interview

July 9, 2013 – 00:00
The Ultimate Guide to Crushing Your Job Interview

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When you have to support a job interview, be aware that in addition to your resume is what you wear can make a difference! Especially in highly competitive environment, where you are constantly put under the magnifying glass to steal your employability. So, today we will see what is a dress code to be able to make a good first impression in an interview.

The First Impression .....

Popular sayings such as "first impressions last a lifetime" or "the first impression is what counts" statements may seem a little melodramatic, but it is a fact that first impressions do acquire immense value! Studies have shown that an interviewer decides whether someone is suitable for the position in question within the first 10 seconds of the interview. So that you care or not, how you dress will make you earn points in the eyes of your potential employer.

Attention to detail: The effect Alone

Even the smallest detail can have a huge impact on your ability to work. Optimize your appearance can lead to a so-called "halo effect" during the interview. L 'halo effect was analyzed for the first time by psychologist Edward Thorndike, and is a cognitive bias for which the perception of a tract is influenced by the perception of one or more other features of the individual or of the object. The rule in practice is: everything you see can and will be used against you! So, make sure that the clothes that you will use for the interview are clean and ironed. Cat hair, a loose thread a grease stain will send a message (however subliminal!) Of sloppiness! Make sure your hair is clean and tidy and that your make-up is not "stained". Add a subtle touch of scent. This is also true for males: pay attention to everything from hair style to nail care.

How to Dress

When deciding on the clothes to wear, be enough "conservatives": education and accuracy demonstrate to the interviewer. Avoid transparent blouses or anything else you can to show your underwear at a distance! Do not show too much legs! In practice, do not wear anything that might be described as "sexy", "too casual" or "too tight". The best clothes to wear to an interview are blazers, suits, blouses, skirts, leather shoes and matching stockings. For girls, jewelry sober and a trace of makeup. As for the colors, the ideal would be the blue sea, black, white, blue, beige and brown. If you want to add some of your personal style, always make sure that it is simple and straightforward. Your gown should not necessarily limit your fashion sense! Specifically, here are some useful tips on what to do and what NOT to do ....

  1. In general, try to use clothes with conservative colors with shades that can go from blue to gray. If you wear something black in a complete may appear too "earnest" and heavy. It would be better broken one. In this case, be sure to wear another color close to your face to soften your image.
  2. For men, I recommend always to wear the shirts. Also, if the company or the role requires it, also worn a tie.
  3. Do not wear sandals, slippers or shoes that are too casual. It would be a dress too informal and out of place!
  4. Make sure that the dresses measurements are right, neither too loose nor too tight. Be sufficiently "fashionable", but do not ever wear anything too old.
  5. Do not wear pants style "cropped" or fisherman. Not even if out there are 50 degrees in the shade!
  6. For women, do not ever painted your nails with bright colors and "bizarre." Do not introduce yourself with bitten nails and cuticles. Keep your nails well groomed and clean.
  7. Avoid "imbottirvi" of jewels! Do not wear more than two rings per hand or one earring per ear (small, not a "chandelier"!).
  8. If you are a girl and do not want to wear socks because it's hot, do not wear short skirts and / or with slits provocative! For the stockings, choose appropriate colors neutral or a color that recalls the tone of your shoes.
  9. Pay attention to accessories: bring bags discreet yet elegant, rather than too big and gaudy.
  10. If the interview is divided into several phases, change dress for each interview: changed the color of the shirt, shoes or tie if you are a man.
  11. An interview is not a fashion show where you show off your clothes or latest fashion accessory! Except, of course, for those job positions aimed at the world of entertainment and fashion.


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What to wear for my first job interview?

2005-03-22 21:58:42 by so_clueless

I'm having my first "real" job interview this Thursday since graduating from college (considering my past jobs were on-campus). I'm not really keen when it comes to fashion and I was wondering if you can please give me tips on what to wear for my first job interview? I am interviewing for an admin position at a healthcare facility (female applicant).
Links and pics would be helpful too. :)

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