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August 28, 2013 – 23:26
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Choose the clothes inappropriate for a job interview or the day to day work can convey negative impression about you. But why are there still so many stumbling professionals in this regard?

The old saying "the first impression is the one that is" quite cliché, but true. We know that one should not judge anyone by their appearance, but does not always happen in business. So stay tuned to the impact that his appearance because in enterprise environments.

Your image is very important and you will have rarity second chance to make a first impression. Each environment requires proper attire, so we need to adapt and regardless of current fashion trends, work rules are classic.

The success of your interview can depend on the parts you choose in your wardrobe, so it does not cost anything go over some tips on how to dress for this occasion:

1) Research the company's culture, because the costumes indicate the style adopted in the organization that can vary from one corporation to another. Know that even in an interview for companies more open and modern, opt for slacks and shirt will not hurt you. Can not go wrong. When in doubt, always choose the more formal clothing. The costume should be in accordance with the company's culture.

2) The higher the office that is in question need to be more formal clothing for both women and for men.

3) Do not overdo the colors, the discrete are more suitable, after all the attention should be you and your skills. Beware of excessive perfume or deodorant, exaggeration may bother.

4) Light Makeup and hair neatly combed demonstrate cleanliness with yourself. Such care reflects an air "clean" and professional. For men, the trick is to endeavor to be clean shaven, hair and nails tidy decent. Stay tuned to gel. It can be used, but try to avoid the appearance of wet hair that can turn people off.

5) For women, the trick is to opt for pants in the first meetings selective: in some stages of the process, companies apply group dynamics often with activities that require competitors sit on the floor. So not to be disadvantaged, no skirt. Clothing should be comfortable. You must be focused and confident should not wear something that will disrupt or take your concentration.

6) If you choose to wear a skirt, be mindful of the length should always be below the knee.

7) Even in the heat, avoid blouses of Tanks showing the strap lingerie. Look blouse that covers the arms.

8) Neckline is a tricky subject, because every woman has an idea and parameters of what is acceptable in your body. I have a tip: Put your hand in the armpit height and draw an imaginary line, well, this is the line that should never exceed your neckline.


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Obviously you don't understand how jobs

2010-04-30 17:35:52 by work_

You don't tell them what they're going to do for you, especially on a short term entry level position like the OP is referring to. There are plenty of jobseekers that have their own cell phone and aren't going to make an issue of it.
I interviewed someone for a sales position and halfway through the interview he gave me a list of what he needed-specific schedule, certain days off, company supplied clothing, expenses, etc., etc. This was for retail sales, not some high-end megabuck world traveling sales job, and although not etched in stone, none of the things he asked for were normal policy

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