Tacheles - 10 brutally honest answers to job interview questions

August 28, 2013 – 23:26

Well, there's these questions, as you will be asked in many interviews. Again and again. Far over 100 of which can be found in this blog. In general, candidates prepare it thoroughly before what recruiters expect in a certain way also. The result is a highly polished answers that sound just like the phrases in Arbeitszeugnis years later. But honestly: Really convincing is not. Therefore - and as a refreshing satire - at this point even ten brutal, naked and unadorned answers to questions typical application is that there are probably a lot more often and loved much closer to the truth than HR managers:

What is your biggest weakness?

Previously I was a big music fan of David Hasselhoff, but today I am full of the songs of Michael Wendler.

Tell me something about yourself!

I thought that I would have sent you my resume. Have you ever read the?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

You want to hear now determined that I want to develop myself, looking for new challenges, strengthen my strengths and would like to make the best possible solutions for your business. But hey, what is the question? We both know: In five years I see myself on a South Seas beach where you serve me cocktails.

Why did you quit your last job?

The guys there were assholes. Especially my boss. The rest: psychopaths and sycophants Liar Liar. Crummy was only the payment. Speaking: What do you pay me?

What salary do you expect?

I know what you expect: That I do not work for money. But the truth is: From motivation alone I can not pay my bills. And the 60, 000 euros that they have paid me in the last job, were measured by my performance pure exploitation. So if you already so ask: Under 90, 000 you will not see me smile.

Tell me about one of your biggest challenges and how did you overcome them.

So that was this: We were with our project again far behind the times. Two days before the deadline, and I had absolutely not tired of the mandatory project. But I knew that my colleague had long had an eye on me. So I suggested to him that if he does that thing alone finished by tomorrow, I go out with him. He has filed and paid all my drinks a night shift. But I am still left home alone. The chef was great by the way the project.

Would you be willing to relocate for the job?

Ever heard of the internet? Video conferencing? Smartphones? Skype? But we're talking about a job that I want to compete in 2010?

You prefer to work in a team or individually prefer?

In recent years I have found that I prefer not to work. In groups I am, however, very good at delegating tasks to those team members who can not wait to prove himself. But alone, it is of course much easier to simply prokrastinieren and one that tries to important projects going on. But you can transfer personal responsibility like me. In Other things-in-the-butt-enter I'm almost unbeatable.

Why do you want this job?

Bummer because my landlord throw me out otherwise. Because I have to pay alimony. Because the others want to pay me less.

What inspires you?

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Youd best go in person and know

2008-12-22 19:31:07 by 0X

Exactly where you stand and answer any questions they may have. ALso if they need any additonal documents go a second time. I always find that it is best to go in person.Sometimes they will help a bit more when they see you and realize that you are a person and in need. If you go and get bad vibes from the ssa person. look for a reason to leave and come back another time. its kinda like a job interview is a sense. good luck

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