Programs of Study and Work

August 28, 2013 – 23:26

inlingua Vancouver Language School - Study and Work programs Take part in one of our programs. Open the door to your future! Study and Work Programs offer an excellent opportunity to study English and gain valuable work experience in Canada.inlingua Vancouver Language School - Study and Work programs There are several options available: informal work in the city or a resort, professional work (paid / unpaid) and Farmstay / work experience Ranchstay. All these programs include two components: studying at inlingua Vancouver and then get work experience.inlingua Vancouver Language School - Study and Work programs We'll help you find a rewarding work experience, where you will have the opportunity to speak English with Canadians in a real environment. We offer 6 options for these programs:

  1. Self Placement Program (DIY)
  2. Casual Work Experience - City (CWE-C)
  3. Casual Work Experience Program - Resort (CWE-R)
  4. Career Development Program (CDP)
  5. Student Internship Program (SIP)
  6. Combined Placement Program (CPP)

We also have the option of Program farmstay / Ranchstay .

You can make Download all our programs of study and work in PDF.

How to Apply Programs of Study and Work

To enroll in the programs of study and work, please contact our agents, representatives in your town or contact us for more information.

Complete form or inlingua application form with the form alongside anot CWE - Casual Work Experience application form or CDP - Career Development Program / ​​SIP-Student Internship Program / ​​CPP - Combined Placement Program application form and send it by email to or fax +1604484 2424.

For programs CWE, CDP, SIP and CPP inlingua Vancouver is partnered with Experience Education.inlingua Vancouver Language School - Study and Work programs

For information regarding full prices of the programs of study and work remember to add to the value of the program and the value of the accommodation chosen program. Please see our Prices .

Self Placement program: Do it yourself! You will search and organize their own work, after all our English classes will learn to formulate your resume, preparing for interviews and job hunting.

Following are descriptions of the program:

  • Self Placement: You will organize their own work in order to practice their English. Most students find employment in the service sector in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, retail stores or labor and seasonal positions in downtown or the Vancouver metropolitan area. Other students go to the tourist resorts or hotels
  • Minimum Duration: 12 weeks (12 weeks or more + study)
  • Maximum Duration: 32 weeks (32 weeks or more + study)
  • Age Limit: Between 19 to 45 years old
  • Education Requirement: No
  • Work experience: No - Although it is recommended that all students are able bodied. If the student has a physical disability, he / she may find it difficult to find a job and succeed in this program
  • Language Requirement: Intermediate English
  • Placement areas: You will organize your work so you can decide to stay in Greater Vancouver or move to another city
  • Registration: You must have a study permit and get a work permit in order to participate in this program. Students with a regular visitor visa can not participate in this program. Plan ahead and ask for a study permit if you want to consider participating in the program

inlingua Vancouver Language School - Study and Work programs inlingua Vancouver Language School - Study and Work programs inlingua Vancouver Language School - Study and Work programs inlingua Vancouver Language School - Study and Work programs

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