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August 28, 2013 – 23:31
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Today teenage kids if they would continue to follow the footsteps of their predecessors? Or simply enough with their parents to pocket money, so you can focus on learning and extracurricular activities, rather than put McDonald's after school red uniforms or stacking shelves in the supermarket.

According to the Times newspaper reported that a Melbourne father Paul ‧ Saul (Paul Sor) does not want to let his son Nethaniel to find a job on the open market.

Nethaniel going to be 15 years old next month, and he wants more pocket money to afford spending iTunes and Xbox, so you want to find a job, but his father Saul was firmly opposed. Saul in his youth has a wealth of experience - from the age of 12 gave a milkman doing helper, has been a part-time high school garage attendant. But he did not want his son to go to his formula. He said the work retail or fast food at least every week doing two nights, and ended up very late, the son of homework will be affected.

Saul and his wife Cindy from two children 8 years old, began to pay them a few dollars per week pocket money. Recently, Saul began allowing Nethaniel in their own home care business to do handyman - weeding, pruning, paint work, wages for the one hour 10 yuan. "How much money he wants to do, you can also learn lessons about money now, I do not think I deprived him of anything." Saul said.

Nethaniel want to get paid aspirations in today's adolescents is very common. Founded in 2008 to find a job site youth than 20, 000 visits a month, more than 50, 000 young people registered on the site for jobs. Site founder John ‧ Satie (John Saadie), said part-time after school hours and flexible working has been in short supply. Provinces on the minimum working age have different requirements. Some require children under the age of 15 to get parental consent, and limit their working hours.

Melbourne Institute Cairnmillar ‧ senior psychologist Judith Cahill (Judith Cahill) that work outside the home environment can cultivate children's independence and allow young people to leave home preliminary experience. Both are positive, as long as the work is compatible with the family and school.

NSW Secondary School Principals Committee Chairman Lila Mularczyk agreed. She said that a part-time job can encourage young people to take the initiative and teach them how to be responsible for revenue and expenditure, exercise time management and leadership skills.

Socio-economic factors often determine the young people began looking for work, the urgency and quantity. Ms. principals in Mularczyk Merrylands High School, many students come from single-parent and refugee families. Once they grow up, find a job becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Mularczyk said that for these young people, how to balance school work and part-time working relationship could become a big problem.

In contrast, more affluent families teenagers are afternoon and weekend sports, music and other events packed.

Fast food chains are welcome student employee's employer, but may require staff working three nights a week until midnight, which is necessary for the 7:30 am school students, undoubtedly reduces the learning and sleep time.


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Best job search sites

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