Intense Red: Fiumicino at a wine bar on the special couple Rest-Zonin

August 28, 2013 – 23:27

Intense Red to Fiumicino2It's called Intense Red the new wine bar at Rome Fiumicino.The Autogrill operates in partnership with the Zonin wine group.It is located in the boarding area C,the Schengen area and was opened on 7 February.

The restaurant,a kiosk with stools at the counter,is one of three locations that were previously handled by Marchesi de 'Frescobaldi.They were the forerunners of the Italian airport wine bar,imitated,or used as a model over the years in other ports,such as Bergamo (where Chef Express has a partnership with the local Antinori Santa Cristina) or Turin (Batasiolo,with MyChef).On the same example have opened several "De Canto" Airest in various Italian ports such as Venice or Bari

Two of the three local Frescobaldi have changed management.It is said because the same Frescobaldi were not aware that the granting themselves running out and there was a new tender.At the end of January was so open the Ferrari bubbles (MyChef management,in collaboration with the Group Lunelli), used mainly in the area for flights Fiumicino-Linate.The third local area outside the Schengen area,is still run Frescobaldi.

Intense Red is the first wine bar that Autogrill operates in Italy,but does not come from nothing.It is in fact a variation in Italian as their own format Beaudevin.This has been seen in various international contexts,such as the airports of Brussels,Chicago O'Hare,Charlotte Douglas (through its subsidiary HmsHost) and in the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris,the food court with various signs in the museum.And 'one of the signs of wine bars in the portfolio at the MilanoFiori group,together with the impressive Oyster Bar Bubble (Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and O'Hare Chiacago).

Another novelty is the contribution of Zonin,another company that so far had experience with local administration only outside of Italy,through the wine bar "Gustavo" developed in the U.S. and Japan.As is known in the world especially for the prosecco,the home of Gambellara (Vicenza) chose not to focus too much on the bubbles,either on your name.Instead,he preferred to give space to the labels of the many wineries acquired in Italy.The offer includes then wines from different regions such as Veneto,Piedmont,Sicily,Puglia and Trentino,for a total of 35 wines,including whites,reds and sweet.Intense Red to Fiumicino3

The offer food,adds Francis Malservisi, head of retail food & beverage concession of Adr-Airports of Rome,is run directly by Autogrill."It 's been done a nice job - comments -.It 'been valued at most the product of the territory,with fine cheeses,meats,vegetables and fish carpaccio. "

The restaurant has an offer to medium-high."The average receipt is above 25 € - note Malservisi -.The place is unique,however,as it can be a Caviar House (present at London Heathrow Terminal 5,ed.)It also caters to the passing tourist in search of a quality alternative to the classic sandwich. "As for the opening hours,the peaks are at lunch and dinner,but the activity continues throughout the day,thanks to the discrete number of passengers in transit from countries with different time zones.

Intense Red to Fiumicino1


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