Preference for corporate marketing luxury hotels Bo Youth Work Australia content with low paying job - Macao

August 28, 2013 – 23:26
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Macau, a human resources company, according to the person in charge said that the current concerns of young people looking for work, only salary, benefits good hotel, gaming companies and luxury goods retailing three industries. If this trend continues, the Macau overall quality of human resources in addition to the three major industries competitive, the quality of other industries will continue to decline.

According to Macau "Macau Daily" reported Macau Ha? Wholly good job networks and policy adviser MSS Tu Ji Ji executive director, said the new graduate students will come to join the job market for human resources tensions eased. If there is a part-time job experience in the past, very helpful in getting a job. The current unemployment rate as low as 1.8 percent in Macau, but many companies still tight manpower, is expected next year will come from the corporate blog for a new project, please people, I believe that next year there may be some human resource market pressures.

Sorely lacking in the current job market who is the hotel, catering and other front-line positions, but many students may not be willing to do it. In the social atmosphere, Macau more young people want to work Bo prices, looking for work, generally valued labor, welfare, stability, present to the hotel, Bo corporate and luxury retail brand three sectors most attractive to local youth, other enterprises basic difficult to arouse young people's attention.

If this trend continues, in addition to Bo who owned enterprises more competitive, other industries will decrease the quality of human capital. And are currently too many jobs, so the lack of competition mentality of young people do not like it at every turn to resign, nowadays many young people will be changed every three months to work because they do not worry about find a job after the resignation, whereas the degree work treasure low.

Once owned business in Singapore operators Tu Ji Ji, compare Macau and Singapore youth job interview performance of the most different is the lack of Macau young people working than passion, less a dream; possible further studies in the field of young people experience more, absorbing over overseas experience, the idea of ​​work, their own requirements may be more abundant. Even when some job interview appointment will be late or even missed appointments, reflecting less emphasis on work. And other types of work, such as Zhuang Dutch fewer opportunities for upward mobility, would like to increase competition is fierce, so many young people are content with the current status of paying lower grades.


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L.A. Times Article on Seattle

2001-11-25 08:56:45 by hollywoodman98642432

One-Two-Three Punch Puts Seattle on the Ropes
Economy: Dot-com slump, Sept. 11 and Boeing cuts take their toll.
By KIM MURPHY, Times Staff Writer
SEATTLE -- It hardly seems to Robert Millage that it was just three years ago when he came here for a job with, helping the Internet retailer set up warehouses all over the country and collecting stock options worth $250,000, more money than the 26-year-old from Idaho had ever seen in his life.
Then, as quickly as it started, it was over. Millage got laid off, Amazon's stock price took a dive and Millage put Seattle in his rearview mirror

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