Brilliant minds and innovative Amazon - Job Meeting

August 28, 2013 – 23:32

Brilliant minds and innovative Amazon The obsession to bring to life the best customer experience possible. This is what must possess the ideal candidate to Amazon (in the photo, Jeff Bezos, founder), a leader in the 'e-commerce. That has open positions in all sectors, from retail to customer service, the operation to AmazonBuyVip, in different societies with which it operates. "The opportunities - they know from Human Resources - includes positions as HR business partners, recruiters and specialists in areas such as learning & development, compensation & benefits and Hris." In Italy and abroad. Manager costumer service, logistics department managers, product managers, industrial engineers, financial analysts, online marketing specialist, email marketing manager: these are the most sought after figures. "But there are specific locations for a particular category of content such as, for example, the role of digital music content acquisition manager, " explained yet by the company.

The company caters to the best minds, with the desire for innovation in its DNA. "The policy of recruitment is only one - keen to point out the Hr - find figures that have a real obsession. To bring to life the customer the best experience possible in the relationship with Amazon. " Completing the ideal profile, motivation, enthusiasm and passion.

Open positions may be monitored at the relevant page . At the moment, there is an opportunity for graduates specification ( responsible for the logistics department junior (graduate position) , as well as an MBA program for a course in operations area ( MBA 2013 Italy pathways program - operations managers .) This is the link where you can find all details and to know what is in the Amazon practice for interviews.

In addition, employees and new applicants can aspire to an international career: "We have many examples of Europeans who have moved into our headquarters in Seattle, or in Asia, and vice versa many Americans doing business in Europe, 'say from Amazon. A website ad hoc reports job opportunities abroad.

Barbara Diani
May 30, 2013

Photo: Amazon for printing


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2001-09-18 23:01:05 by hollywoodman01010111

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By King Kaufman
Aug. 8, 2001 | ST. LOUIS -- For as long as I can remember, I wanted to live in San Francisco.
Growing up in Los Angeles, I thought of San Francisco as a magical place. We'd drive up there for vacations. The houses were old and funny and there were hippies wandering around. People wrote songs about the place and called it 'The City.' The sunshine had this different look to it, more delicate somehow, though I wouldn't have stated it that way at the age of 8

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