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August 28, 2013 – 23:26
AP Style: Warped Tour Fan Fashion Friday - Southwest - Alternative

Created on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 Hennes & Mauritz, the second largest fashion retailers in the world, has signed a lease for a store in South Africa, according to the local press. This is still under construction in the Mall of Africa between Johannesburg and Petoria and scheduled to open in 2015. The mall is 115, 000 square feet of Africa's largest shopping center of South Africa and is scheduled for completion end of 2015. Johannesburg is a strategic location for the African market, because the city attracts buyers from all over Africa.

According to the Sunday Times to have H & M also looking for suitable locations for businesses in Cape Town and there passed the shopping and entertainment center, V & A Waterfront eye. The Swedish fashion house has now confirmed to do business in Africa and as a spokeswoman, South Africa is one of the markets that it finds interesting.

Zara owner Inditex, H & M's biggest rival, opened its first South African business already in 2011. Just like Zara H & M is interested for some time in South Africa, but had difficulty in finding suitably large retail spaces in A1 locations. Only at the beginning of the year had opened his first store in Chile, making it the first in the southern hemisphere H & M.


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France has real problems

2004-04-07 17:38:52 by amaxen

And they are getting worse.
"Where does the increase in crime come from? The geographical answer: from the public housing projects that encircle and increasingly besiege every French city or town of any size, Paris especially. In these housing projects lives an immigrant population numbering several million, from North and West Africa mostly, along with their French-born descendants and a smattering of the least successful members of the French working class. From these projects, the excellence of the French public transport system ensures that the most fashionable arrondissements are within easy reach of the most inveterate thief and vandal

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