The inner suburbs of Perth

August 28, 2013 – 23:31
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In addition to its tranquil river and wide beaches, Perth offers vibrant trendy neighborhoods with excellent shops, restaurants and nightlife. Immerse yourself in the elegant and formal to Perth city center, visit the elegant boutiques along Oxford Street in Leederville and listen to live music on Mount Lawley. Discover trendy bars and fashionable restaurants in Northbridge, or visit the theater along the tree-lined streets of Subiaco. Located around the northern banks of the Swan River, this modern neighborhoods are the ideal place to meet the locals and soak in the culture.

The center of Perth is a popular destination for watching the people go, relax after work and go shopping, you will discover also many art galleries, boutiques and elegant restaurants in King Street. Those who prefer quality stores and popular chain stores will be able to visit the nearby Murray and Hay Street. The historic Edwardian-style theater in Hay Street boasts a rich program of ballets, operas, theater and music. Dine in a cafe or restaurant along the river before going to a show. On Friday irresistible appointments await you in the city: you can go shopping until late at night or join the locals celebrating the end of the working week.

Northbridge, not far from the city center, provides different events every day of the week. Between William, James, Aberdeen and Parker Street will discover many clubs, pubs, bars, cafes as well as excellent restaurants. Make friends with backpackers in hostels and cheap local, or immerse yourself in the history and culture of the vibrant Perth Cultural Centre.

Not far from here, in Leederville, can you met with students, families and professionals of all kinds. Spend a day shopping in Oxford Street. Leederville comes alive at dusk, when the inhabitants of Perth meet in Irish pubs, clubs and underground trendy restaurants that stay open into the evening.

You can listen to good bands in Mount Lawley, here many Australian musicians have shared the stage dell'Astor Theatre, a theater in Art Deco style. The theater is located in Beaufort Street, between boutiques, delicatessen, lively bars, restaurants and ideal for a snack informal. Buy items for the home or a piece of clothing exclusive, marvel at the federal and colonial style buildings, relax in the small and well-kept parks.

Visit Subiaco, where they settled in 1851 by Benedictine monks from Subiaco, a village in the province of Rome. Today, the history of this area is still living in the distinctive architecture and decorative Italian in the vibrant city center. The Subiaco Museum offers the opportunity to see objects that belonged to the monks and Aboriginal artefacts. Stroll along Rokeby Road and soak up the lively atmosphere of the local markets. Near Kings Park you can explore the picturesque areas around the river the University of Western Australia. Attend a performance at the Regal Theatre and the Subiaco Arts Centre, explore the majestic lobby of the Subiaco Hotel, here the people of Perth will meet before traveling to the stylish bars.


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2008-05-20 13:58:30 by drle

It's impossible! I'm working as a designer for a eveningwear fashion house in NY and I have been looking for fashion design or related jobs in San Francisco and i'm coming up empty. I'll be moving back to California by the end of June and ive been searching for design jobs since February with no luck. I know fashion companies are mostly located in NY and LA but I know there are a few in San Francisco however I don't know anyone who can help me get in. I have applied to Levi's and Pottery Barn numerous times but no response. Can anyone help me or know someone that can help? I wouldn't mind job agencies as well

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