Jobs in Textile-Fashion industry in the province of San Luis

August 28, 2013 – 23:26
Sam Foxman | Evntiv

Resellers to Sell Clothes by Catalog

St. Louis

Now we guarantee Direct Selling Club thing - PERMANENT STOCK No minimum required (only work item that is the catalog of sale products) or a monthly fee, do not require that you order all closures, is simple, is fast and can ...

OFFER | upholsterer Official

St. Louis

Daily activities and the pace of modern life take away time to fully deal housework. This is why in many ho's new global trends in technology have dramatically changed the way of life and work of the people ...


St. Louis

New global trends in technology have changed considerably lifestyles and work of people. Internet has daily activities and the pace of modern life take away time to fully take care of household chores. That is why ...

textile engineer - San Luis (San Luis Potosi)

St. Louis

Experience woven circular copsado processes, warping, gummed. age. 30 years Company: Location: San Luis (San Luis Potosi) Sector: Manufacturing Related Job Titles: Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Engineer mainteinance, Engin ...


B.T. Batsford Figure Templates for Fashion Illustration: Over 150 Templates for Fashion Design
Book (B.T. Batsford)

Best Place on Earth???? Part 3.......

2001-09-18 23:01:05 by hollywoodman01010111

Bohemia lost
I turn my back on a city that turned my head and then broke my heart.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
By King Kaufman
Aug. 8, 2001 | ST. LOUIS -- For as long as I can remember, I wanted to live in San Francisco.
Growing up in Los Angeles, I thought of San Francisco as a magical place. We'd drive up there for vacations. The houses were old and funny and there were hippies wandering around. People wrote songs about the place and called it 'The City.' The sunshine had this different look to it, more delicate somehow, though I wouldn't have stated it that way at the age of 8

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