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August 28, 2013 – 23:26
Piecing together a fashion industry in Seattle | Picture This

Not only grunge: the city told by un'insider between Glass Menagerie, illustrations, and rosé wine.

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Open Chihuly Garden and Glass

Open Illustrations by Stacey


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A zoo (botanical glass) illustrator neo romantic, an oak tree to take on the ring. Seattle is in version 3.0. Among the tips of un'insider and goodies to buy online here is an unmissable travel guide.

Stacey Rozich is an artist and illustrator with a penchant for symbolism and CD covers (which he designed for the Sub Pop). We asked her a few tips to feel inspired hipster & Seattle.

Where do you get ideas?
The mysterious forests around here and the Seattle Art Museum, in the wing of the customs and African tribal masks.

And where do you put them on paper?
I paint at home and often go down to the Bauhaus to drink coffee and read a book.

How do you know other artists?
I grew up here, I have a good group of friends: we are for a glass of rosé wine at Bar Ferd'nand (1531 Melrose Ave) or for a cocktail at Montana and I always have new people.

To buy art on a shoestring budget?
The curator Sierra Stinson at home regularly hosts a showcase of local artists: brilliant. And I love Prism, a small boutique in Ballard Avenue where I held my first exhibition in 21 years.

For a romantic date?
The incredible selection of oysters from The Walrus and The Carpenter .

Where do you relax?
At the Melrose Market, the better: it has everything but is more intimate than Pike Place. Then I take two postcards from Marigold and Mint and I send to my boyfriend who is in Chicago and my mother in Detroit

Puffs copyright. Wonderland seems the Chihuly Garden and Glass, permanent exhibition of exotic plants in holes glass work of local artist Dale Chihuly.

A collection! Attached to the garden-museum, the Collections Café offers excellent real ales and houses a collection of travel souvenirs of Chihuly

Head Made. The team led by photographer Charlie Schuck takes care of the shop of the Frye Art Museum . Or a collection (always changing) of goodies and fashion design created by 50 local names. Some can be purchased online.

Open spaces. For a stars and stripes, the ' Oddfellows Café is a must. It has the soft lighting, the rustic details and an open space impact.

Cecilia Falcone

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Speaking of writing, how do you like this?

2006-02-04 22:01:41 by just_another_Lisa

My “career” had interfered with my free time of late. Well, not so much a “career” as an unmitigated disaster in a series of worthless enterprises and dead end jobs. This time it was being a travel agent…didn’t really take off….ba-dump-bump. I could still hear the Office Manager’s voice ringing in my ears: “What the fuck do you mean you routed them through Des Moines? They were going to MAUI from SEATTLE????” Meh, Iowa, Oahu….whatever.
So there I was, wandering in a desultory fashion, thinking what a good word desultory was, when a fellow passed me, talking into his cell phone

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