Brother and sister love something more intensive perfect match

August 28, 2013 – 23:26

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"Brother and sister love", which is a small female male lovers big match, in Hong Kong and Taiwan in recent years, there have been many sweet darling, attitudes, thoughts communication is also attuned to overthrow the action "with little brother" of the negative label .

sister brother love
Agnes Chee, Status: Married Age, Difference: 5 & a half years

Malaysian Chinese Agnes Chee set with her husband Eric's brother and sister combination of love, long distance relationship, and in a flash marriage, recognizing a month, dating a month, that promised to follow her husband to marry and settle in Hong Kong. Six years of marriage, feelings unabated.

How do the two become attached? Whether because of their age and the emergence of other communication and get along?

We were due to work commitments in Malaysia know, during the work we idle chat, talking about "Sex & the City", "Friends" ...... find another taste similar. After a month of friends, the love towards another month period, Eric Bianxiang me to marry him, everything is "progressively" developments, I have decided to go with him after moving to Hong Kong.

The age gap, it did not get along for both of us brought estrangement, mental aspects of his more mature than me, I would be childish one, which brought him to study in a foreign country are not unrelated, and thus develop an independent personality, I am is the youngest daughter of the home has always been loved by their parents, dependent personality love people.

Speaking on weekdays along, I will tell a story to coax him: "Once there was a child named Little Ming ...... end of story." And will write "Hello handsome!" Piece of paper into his socks, the rare Eric are happy in them. But we also have a mature side, such as our talks Hitchcock, but also explore the marriage. Today, harmonious coexistence, but not guaranteed will grow old, their advantage is the both of us to get along.

You both develop the "brother and sister love", family and friendship whether dissenting?


9 out of 10 people are working

2003-07-11 00:41:22 by trebor

But yes, the labor market has changed for good. The 1 in 10 who is not working is not finding employment, or is finding underemployment at best.
The labor market HAS changed, well, not for good, but permanently. But what we're seeing is not a one-time change; it is simply part of the process that began with America going from agriculture to industry to information to whatever comes next.
The thousands of IT jobs that have been sent overseas are not coming back. They just aren't. From India they'll go to Singapore, Malaysia, the Philipines, or wherever the labor is cheaper.
And what we see in IT is starting to happen in accounting and financial service

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