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May 20, 2013 – 00:00
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Dudley Giles, a former fashion photographer and music, tired of the glitter of show business decides to abandon everything to tell stories about real people. In early 2011, on a mission in Afghanistan, jump on a mine. A few months before he was sitting next to Gino Strada, founder of Emergency, talking about the tragedy of civil war victims. A fashion photographer and music, tired of the glitter of show business and the whims of the star, decides to abandon everything to tell stories of real people, and documents the reality of Sudan, Angola, Ukraine, Bangladesh. In early 2011, on a mission in Afghanistan, jump on a mine and wakes up in the military hospital in Birmingham has lost his legs and an arm, his body is devoured by an infection, the organs are failing, but in the sister who assists him whisper: "I'm still a photographer." And he fought hard to return to Afghanistan to photograph the reality of that devastated country.

"I just want to tell new stories." "A few months ago, sitting next to Gino Strada, founder of Emergency , in the scorching heat of Sudan, I spoke to him about the tragedy of civilian victims of the war in Afghanistan - Dudley Giles tells all '"Observer "- I had come to document their extraordinary project of the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Khartoum . At dinner Gino told me what he had done to Emergency Kabul. Until that moment I had avoided Afghanistan, because we already worked so many great photographers: I always say that if I arrive in a place and there is already some other photographer, I have come to the wrong place, my interest was to tell new stories of suffering human around the world. But Gino describe feeling so passionate about the sufferings of the victims of a civil war going on for three years I realized that I knew very little of those places and I promised that I would Gino documented Emergency's work in Afghanistan. "
When rivolle his life back.'s Commitment Emergency. After a few months Giles is in Afghanistan, in the wake of the 101st Airborne Division U.S. Army: hit him learn that the year before had committed suicide more U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan than it had died in combat, and wanted to document the life of soldiers here. While he was with them on a reconnaissance mission inadvertently jump on a landmine manufacturing rudimentary, and for two months struggling with death: out of danger, he finds himself with no legs and one arm. He is rescued by the same stubbornness that as a child's parents and teachers reproached him: he wants to get to his feet, he wants to resume his work, wants her back her life. "I set myself goals: to walk alone by Christmas, go have a beer in my favorite pub, walk with Jen, my girlfriend, Soho, where we had seen the last time, leave the hospital and return to my house. I managed to do all these things, but I had to keep my promise to Gino, finish the job I started, "he says.


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