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February 21, 2013 – 00:00

Travail occasionnel en Australie Australia is a wonderful destination. One of the attractions t part-time work to help fund your studies and outputs. Today more than 99% of our students work and some find it hard to find work as we seek really. (Although the beach you can distaire!)

With a student visa, you are legally entitled to work 40-hour days quainzaines aEt ├ęplein time during school holidays. If you opt for a Working Holiday Visa (PVT) There is no restrictions tau levels of working time.

For your first time in Australia, we recommend you to come with the support of Go Study Australia to help you install. We offer you dispodition weekly sessions to help the job search in your language and you prepare for the world of work in Australia We help you with.:

- Open a bank account

- Ask your Tax File Number

- Write a CV

- Information on the different types of work

- Advice on places to search

- Access to our jobs news letter

Most of our students find casual work . Such work is for temporary visa (Students or Working Holiday) with good rates of pay (Australia has the world's highest minimum wage), but also a great way understanding of Australia and meet new people. Most of our students work in the following areas:

- Retail (the store often search for new staff)

- Hotel, cafe, restaurant (UNHCR often hiring part-time)

- Building (There is a lot of work in the building in Australia)

- Maintenance Officer (may be less glamorous, but if your English is limited, it is a good start)

- Childcare (babysitting days and nights is always available)

Throughout your stay in Australia, we are here to help you. ask us at any time for help and advice . It's all part of the service!


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