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August 28, 2013 – 23:26
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The most common types of work to find in Australia are:

Part-time job
The part-time job is a kind of part-time work, usually with less than 20 hours, perfect for students who can only work the same number of hours at most because of the conditions of the visa, the student can focus on academics and work at the same time.

Full-time job
It is a type of work where the weekly fixed is approximately 40 hours. But as a student visa only allows 20 hours per week, to achieve this type of employment is required for visa appropriate. Usually one works five days a week, eight hours per day, equal to what we are used to in Brazil and the employee has rights and benefits like paid vacations, health insurance, compensation for missed days with justification and retirement. To get a full-time job, the employee is required to prove that you have some specific skill required for the company that will sponsor you, creating a stronger bond and thereby changing the type of visa.

Casual job
It is a job that the name says: casual, ie, there is no commitment established between employee and employer, works according to the needs of the company, no fixed schedule, often the scale of work is done weekly. Theoretically, the hourly wage is slightly higher because of that. Many companies that use this kind of service have a registration with various collaborators and so they need the service come in contact to call for work, parties, horse racing, motorsports, shows, soccer games, tennis, are very common among these companies often call students. In such cases it is very important to provide good service for the company to call back for the next event.

Source: australiago.com

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