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August 29, 2013 – 08:54
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at University of Newcastle in Australia. find all the information about the school and programs here! Contact the admissions office in 1 click here.

The teachers are in high demand

Now is a great time for you to get into teaching. Teachers are in demand both nationally and internationally, and this demand is expected to increase the current teaching workforce reaches retirement age.

According to the NSW Department of Education, the demand for teachers is particularly strong in the areas of secondary education, mathematics, science, technology, English, special education, legal studies, business studies and commerce.

However, teachers of all subjects in secondary and primary school teachers can find work, often full-time, and certainly as casual and temporary teachers throughout NSW. Similar opportunities for graduates exist various State and Territory systems of education as well as in Catholic and Independent schools.

A rewarding career path

Teaching is an immensely rewarding career where you can have a profound impact on the education of young people, career aspirations and their lives.

Your work in schools can have a positive impact on local communities and also help create a better world. At its core, teaching is an ethical and political work that is critical to how society works.

There are also opportunities for promotion within teaching, as well as many opportunities to use a teaching degree as a basis for other employment in other occupations.

A passport to travel

There are fantastic opportunities for teachers to take their professional knowledge and work around the world. The recruitment of Australian teaching graduates is particularly strong in countries throughout Asia, the United Kingdom and the Americas, but similar opportunities can be found all over the world.

He is a teacher for you?

The Master of Teaching (Secondary) program aims to develop the knowledge, skills and the necessary steps for a successful career in teaching. Graduates of this program will be accredited as teachers in New South Wales, and will be able to seek employment as a Year 7-12 (Secondary) teachers and beyond the NSW Government, Catholic and independent school sectors.

The program aims to develop graduates who are inspirational teachers with the ability to act in a professional, ethical and effective in their destinations School; insightful scholars with the ability to engage in rational inquiry into curriculum, policy and practice, and innovative leader with the ability to play a constructive role in the public debate and not just on training.


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