Working on a pig farm

August 28, 2013 – 23:26
Clare – USQ Student Blogger | USQ Student Blog

I was looking in September last year with a friend from Bundaberg from a job.
After I Browsed all backpackers booklets and the internet, I got a call from a roundabout way Mr. Welch of AG Workforce PTY LTD in Toowoomba / Queensland. He offered us a job with good earning potential and the opportunity to start right away. When asked what would involve working, we were told it comes to animals / pigs and he was so impressed by German and Dutch backpackers. Additional information was hard to get out of it.

After long consideration and two more phone calls we were saying. Mainly because of our lack of money.
We drove to Toowoomba and were placed there by him for one night in a pub, the Settler's Inn.
After a night in a completely filthy room we were picked up by Mr. Welch earlier than agreed in a Heave-ho action and he took us to his office.
There, everything went very quickly. While he had us fill out documents and again and again pointed out that we had little time, he told us any stories.
We were then picked up by an employee who even took us to the supermarket because we had to get the announcement: (?) The first is the last chance to buy ...

After a 2-hour drive followed the outback. Our phones were already after one hour no longer to receive and also the guy who drove us did not specify to our anticipated work, etc.

After our arrival in Nothing has been assigned us a house. Yes, you think, wow a house! Wrong. There were no beds or bedding. It was absolutely filthy and vermin everywhere.
The facility was otherwise totally deserted except for two Aussies who work there in the feed mill.
This for entry into this adventure, I thought. But what should we work? We saw only vast, uninhabited and not animals. But we should work with animals / pigs?
We learned later, two Asians, we should be the next day at 07:00 clock on the pig farm, near to be. But how come there?
We organized a car to get there, because no one had up to this time, talked to us how everything should run.

With a queasy feeling we were the next morning at the Piggery. Approx. 2 km from the community where we lived away. And then came the hammer:
A fattening (ancient) with 1750 pigs! Terrible stench, filth everywhere.
My task was assigned to me quickly. Fertilizing and insemination (by Kadeter or natural) of female pigs. My girlfriend came to the Department of piglets.
We took jobs in Germany, a vet, a student of veterinary medicine or whatever would take with us.
We had no health conditions at work. We were taken relatively quickly to our physical limits. I had to move countless 100-300 kg heavy pigs day. Others had to inject the small animals, draw and cut teeth and tails, etc.
Others who arrived after us, reported by the same scam in advance by D. Welch (because of: no statement what to expect, any info about the conditions in the rooms, houses, etc.) and were partially mentally already after 2 days at end.


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