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August 28, 2013 – 23:27

Recruit as recruitment media pioneer, is committed to innovation, job seekers and employers to provide value-added services, gain another victory last year, the establishment Recruit Recruit School (retail) organized retail courses to play a part in the industry, nurturing force. Recruit Recruit School (retail) held again this year, "Retail Work Experience Class", invited senior retailers Pan Shuyuan teach, and invited senior brand department store Lane Crawford (Lane Crawford) to provide trainees with shops on-site visit. The new "Retail Work Experience Class" students just graduated, are reported Highlights of classes and field trips.

Retail Work Experience Class "for aspiring graduates to join the retail industry as such, in addition to a classroom, there are aspects of site visits, but visits locations are Crawford. Day visit, students line a dozen people came early in the morning in Central ifc mall, participants come prepared not only dressed, but get ready CV, to the best show his attitude. Students by Lane Crawford led the human resources manager Fiona Keung, through the channel into the shop staff, study tour was launched from prospective retail fresh human perspective, explore new retail jobs side.

Journeyed, have to get to know an important figure, she is the Lane Crawford Concierge (Concierge) of Tracy Tam, will lead the participants to visit various departments. And Tracy's appearance, but also to be a student first "discovery." "So Lane Crawford has concierge."

Tracy said the main responsibility is personal concierge off customers who timely manner in response to a variety of services that they need, for example, passengers carrying luggage to come shopping, she can arrange storage services, if visitors shopping, also want to taste authentic cuisine She also introduced a good place for advice. Jader protocol work even for students interested in, he said: "The retail trades class learned a lot, but that in addition to sales staff, window designer, procurement staff, there are concierge."

Observe the personal services sector
Participants then to the Ministry of Women's, men's department, home and lifestyle department visits, Tracy carefully explain the service point. For example, she said, after a female customer try on lingerie if fit, just ring the bell in a fitting room, the staff will come to help, send the proper size lingerie. As for the home goods department service is also very distinctive, can be ordered for home goods are in a foreign country; also for the wedding couple the services available, as long as you want out of home goods, relatives can receive the gift list, according to orders to buy gifts sent to newcomers. Participants Jacky said: "I initially thought that anyone who knows description of goods, retail jobs can be competent, the original inside tips also very much, not only to change places, even some very fine things to be taken into account, only to provide customers with high-quality services. "


I work in retail management and I can tell you

2009-02-11 21:48:10 by beatitbitch

That the number one reason I don't hire people is because they want too much money. I'msorry, but I'm not going to pay someone $12 an hour to do what some kid will do for minimum wage (yes, meeting my payroll budget affects my bonuses and performance reviews). I also actually kindof prefer people with no experience because they don't have any bad habits that I have to fix.
There's also the old "better fit" excuse. In other words, she just didn't think you'd work with the team. And that doesn't always mean the hiring manger didn't like may just mean that maybe she's looking for someone with strengths and skills that are not a good match for yours, even though you might be strong in another area

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