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August 28, 2013 – 23:32
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Welcome to the Expatriates Community Auckland!

Hello and welcome to our community for Auckland expats! Our private network helps you to settle in easily When moving to or living abroad in Auckland: Get to know like-minded expatriates in Auckland in a casual way, find reliable information and tips about expat life in New Zealand and meet fellow expats from Auckland's international community at our first-class InterNations events.

Curious to explore other communities in Asia & Oceania, eg our chapter for Expatriate Riyadh ? Or you might think of stopping by at our Dubai Expatriates community on your next weekend trip.

Make the most of your Expat Life Auckland

The "City Of Sails" offers an exciting intercultural experience for expats, starting with cultural highlights, like New Zealand National Maritime Museum, Which chronicles the maritime history of the nation, , the folkloristic festivities on the occasion of New Zealand's Waitangi Day, up to getting a taste of traditional pavlova. The InterNations community helps you as an Auckland expat to enjoy your expat stay in New Zealand to the fullest. Our members have Already across as many of the questions you'll have when starting your expatriate life in Auckland and kindly offer you their assistance, from Can I ship my own car to NZ without Objections from the local customs Authorities? What are up to the biggest job search engines for working in new Zealand?.

Become part of our Expat Community Auckland

Our members have Their roots in the Netherlands, Spain, the USA, Mexico and almost any other country around the globe, all sharing your situation as an expat in Auckland. InterNations makes it easy for you to connect with fellow expats in Auckland. Next to our active online community, our members Also Regularly meet in real life at top-class events or go for weekend activities together, eg to visit New Zealand's famous landmarks around the South Island.

Also take a look at our network for Expat Shanghai to experience InterNations all over the globe. Or you could take a peek at our community for Singapore Expat instead!

Please feel cordially invited to become part. Our Auckland members of the community are open-minded, helpful and looking forward to welcome you on board. Simply request your personal invitation and you'll be graciously received by our expat Auckland chapter!

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