Search for a job includes the use of

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How to look for a job in Italy

Search for a job includes the use of the following resources:


Many national, regional and local newspapers contain job offers or offers of collaboration on certain days of the week. The Milan daily newspaper Corriere della Sera published the work supplmento Courier Work ( / corrierelavoro ) on Fridays and financial newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore Public Work Wanted - Young graduates for Monday and also publishes the supplement Jobs & Careers.

There are also specialized local and national newspapers to look for work as well as The Place and The Competition (which lists the work of the civil service and local government). In Naples, there Find a Job and Work Bulletin ( ), monthly publication available with employment offices and libraries. The jobs are also advertised in newspapers and industry magazines and trade. Ask the locals such as publications and days are best for ads in your area.

Most major newspapers and magazines have a website where you can usually access their sections of "vacancies" for free, and local and national newspapers are available in libraries, bars and cafes in Italy so that you do not need to buy them. Italian newspapers are also available abroad by international news agencies, the department of trade and exchange, organizations for emigrants and social groups (although these do not always contain the sections of designation or job vacancies).

Most professional associations and business publishing newspapers that contain vacancies see Benn's Media Directory Europe) and the works are also reported in several English language publications including The International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal Europe, Wanted in Rome and other local publications. You can also place an advertisement in the section of "offresi work" of local newspapers in Italy in an area where you would like to work. If you are a member of a recognized profession or activity you could put an advertisement in a newspaper or in a magazine dedicated to your profession or industry. It 'better to put a notice in the middle of the week and avoid the summer and other holiday periods.

Employment Offices

Visit the local employment offices and other offices in Italy (check out our section of Employment Agencies). The works on offer are essentially those qualified, non-professional, semi-skilled and unskilled jobs, particularly in industry retail and catering.

Information Centres and Libraries

The local information centers (informagiovani) are useful for information about their jobs, for job search, teaching and training, for more details visit their website ( ). The main libraries also provide a number of sources for job search, although they do not specifically provide advice or assistance to the unemployed, as in some other countries.

Recruitment Agencies

Turn to the recruitment agencies that work for the Italian companies and foreign companies in Italy. These companies help essentially to recruit senior staff and key personnel, and many have offices around the world including many Italian cities (check out our section of Employment Agencies). Some agencies may find Italian job positions only for Italian and EU citizens or foreigners with a residence permit.




2010-08-12 14:13:13 by FWLittle

Are you concerned that untrained teens can't find jobs this year? It is any wonder they can't get a job? Not to me it isn't.
U.S. teens aren't prepared to work in jobs for which there are vacancies. PERIOD. They can't do anything that actually generates a paycheck, yet they apply for work as though they could.
In the past, when the economy was flourishing, they were hired, trained and paid. Now though, times being tough, casual paychecks aren't easily dispensed. Here's a teen test: We're
paid for work for which we developed a skill or were trained to do. Assuming a teen doesn't speak a second language, how long would he keep his retail service assistant job in a strongly ethnic shopping area? Not long I would imagine

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