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May 12, 2010 – 00:00

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Interview with Valeria Fedeli, President of the European Trade Union Federation of Textiles Clothing, Leather and Footwear, as well as Deputy Secretary General Filtea, CGIL. At the end of his speech at the Corvinus University of Budapest, as part of the course, organized by Dr. Mariarosaria Sciglitano "The Italian fashion between craft and economy", Valeria Fedeli grant us an interview, with high volume.

We publish it along with the video version, a summary of the topics addressed in Budapest by the Deputy Secretary Filtea. A few days after the end of the work of the sixteenth congress of the CGIL and despite its commitments in Brussels, Valeria Fedeli did not hesitate to get in flight to Hungary, specially for this lesson, concusione of a process that began in February. The course of Mariarosaria Sciglitano, lecturer in Italian of the Corvinus University, touched on various topics treated by Italian entrepreneurs in Hungary, members of the main Italian institutions and experts. Starting from the definition of the Italian fashion system, to get to the counterfeiting through the history of the textile industry in Italy (with the participation of the journalist and historian Massimo Congiu), industrial districts, marketing, production, and more, offering students Hungarians concrete examples of one of the leading sectors of the Italian economy.

The topic is so timely that the present university course does not save in paying attention and ask questions, although some steps are likely to be quite difficult for them, given the peculiarity of the Italian case. Moreover, the person is a first level. Care, involving and teaches, focusing on issues often little known.

First of all, the difference between imitation and counterfeiting. The first case is that of clothing B & G (Bolce & Gabbana?), Pants Badidas, shoes Nice (with a "c") and other artifacts that reflect not only style and color brands famous, but also the name, mutandolo slightly. Usually you can buy these clothes on the beach, in the street, in some markets, and sometimes in the apartments of those who "sells". In my opinion, the market is very shabby. If I can not afford a designer garment, I prefer to buy one without claws. The imitations, in my opinion, are a big, inexcusable, fall style, as disrespectful to the work of true artists of the fabric and spread the "bad" in the streets, given that the finished products are of much lower quality than the model , over which visibly different. Counterfeiting instead leads to the production of a commodity much like the original, so that only a careful reading of detailed label can guarantee the originality of a product. In the case of pirated goods, you will hear even the copyright notice and the model is a copy of the original. Should investigate the steps taken by the product in various stages of production.
The solutions
"Europe - signals Valeria Fedeli-does not have a" Made in Eu "and does not require a marking for imported products. We should do like America and China, who write on the label not only the origin, but the details of the steps taken by the goods, with all the sites on which have undergone, to the finished product. "An experiment is underway in Florence and its surroundings, informs us Faithful. A DEVICE which utilized nano technologies, by inserting a small wire in the head, through which it would be possible to offer full traceability of the product.
Counterfeiting and diseases
Dr. Fedeli, put yourself in the shoes of a young man or a young student or otherwise without pay. I like nice clothes at all and are the visible symbol of status, the expression of an aspect of our personality. What would you say if I told you that I do not care to know with certainty that my jacket is original, I'm glad to have it because I like to have a piece of this designer and I have been able to buy it just because it was on sale below cost?
Counterfeiting is not only a problem for companies. Counterfeiting harms consumers and their rights, because the counterfeit goods are harmful! The use of harmful substances in fake designer clothes has been verified. The risks are very high, partly because the skin absorbs the chemical elements over time, remember that chemistry is part of the textile chain, which can develop even cancer.


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