The MABFUEL (Marine Algae as Biomass for bioFUEL)¬†Project was a 7th Framework Programme, under the “People” sub-programme and the Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) funding scheme.¬†The project’s main aim was to investigate the feasibility of using algae (micro and/or macro) as a feedstock for producing bio-fuels in Turkey and Ireland.

Given that the project has now completed its work, we encourage interested parties to contact the project partners directly if they have queries related to the project.

Currently most research into efficient algal-oil production is being carried out by the private sector, but if predictions from small scale production experiments are realised then using algae to produce bio-fuel may be the only viable method by which to produce enough bio-fuel to replace current world petrol/diesel usage. Micro-algae in particular have much faster growth-rates than terrestrial crops. With the yield of oil from algae estimated to be from 19,000 to 75,000 litres per acre, per year; this is 7 to 31 times greater than the next best crop, oil of palm.